‘Emily in Paris’ Star Ashley Park Shares Her Career and Journey With a Brand New Boba Drink

‘Emily in Paris’ Star Ashley Park Shares Her Career and Journey With a Brand New Boba Drink

After Emily, our second most favorite character in the series is Mindy Chen, played by Ashley Park in Emily in Paris. We all need a friend like Mindy, who might not give a solution to every problem, but will always be there for you.

Ashley Park, who garnered critical acclaim for her roles in Mama Mia, Mean Girls, and The King and I musicals. But her biggest breakout moment was in Emily in Paris as Mindy. She started her career at a very young age, becoming a massive Broadway musical hit.

Mindy aka Ashley Park in Emily in Paris

Mindy, heiress-turned-nanny BFF of Emily, spent season 1 guiding Emily throughout Paris, but in season 2 we got to know more about her and her world.

In conversation with Vogue, Park claims that she instantly connected to her character in the audition. She says, “When I got the audition, I was so excited by the fact that it was a Darren Star show in Paris. In terms of the character, I knew already it was something that I definitely wanted to audition for. The only scene that I had for the audition was the very first one where Emily and I met each other. It was one of those scenes where I read it, and I already knew the person. With Mindy, I liked that she was this really warm, empathetic, very honest person right away. She was somebody who saw somebody else who needed help, and it was very effortless for her to do that.

Recently, Ashley Park featured in a Spill the Boba Tea episode where we explore her journey so far as she tries different flavored Boba tea. The show is known for how the host Phil Wang creates a unique Boba tea based on the guests’ life story. So, let’s see what Boba Park’s life ends up creating.

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Spill the Boba Tea with Ashley Park

In the video, Ashley recollects working at Juice Press before she entered a Broadway show. Park explains, “I actually refused to quit that job even when I booked a Broadway show ‘cause I liked the guys I was working with so much.” 

She further how she is a California girl by heart, even though she grew up in Ann Arbor. To signify her Ann Arbor roots, the host brings out a wooden, oaky tray. Yes, quite a stretch; even Ashley thought so.

Lingonberry Boba, a delicacy in Sweden, was the firs ingredient the host brings out during the interview. As she tried the drink, she recollects her Broadway debut with Mama Mia. The host chose the berry because of the Swedish roots of her debut musical’s music.

The Ingredient to follow after that was lemongrass syrup, serving as an ode to Park’s theatre work King and I. This sparks a discussion about her struggles when she first entered the industry. She explains how as a person of color, she doesn’t want to limit herself but knows what her limits are. “I grew up never wanting to be put in a box, never wanting to leave someone in the room saying, “oh, the Asian girl.” I will rather be recognized or remembered for the quality of mine,” says Park.

So, the ingredient to follow next was pure cold-pressed grape juice, which is signifies the time in her life when she battled cancer. At one point in her treatment, apparently, Park craved for a grape and eating peeled fruits was not an option.

Wang then proceeds to create a charcuterie board with cured meat and cheese. However, the highlight ingredient was peanut, a favorite of singer Celine Dion, who was Park’s favorite artist.

What was Ashley’s Boba drink?

The final ingredients to come on board were green tea and Rose. With some expert assembling from Wang. We finally had the drink that Park named as Ashley’s Enchante.

What did you think of the exclusive drink and of Ashley’s interview? Comment your thoughts below.

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