WATCH: The Best Fights In Lucifer

WATCH: The Best Fights In Lucifer

A few weeks have been passed since Netflix’s Lucifer final season was out. We, as the audience, were done watching and re-watching quite a few times. Going on for six seasons, Lucifer became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Its popularity among the fans helps the creators to complete the as they wish- “the most appropriate way”, it seems. The entire crew and the cast gave them their soul and mind to the show. Let us look forward to the best Lucifer fights throughout the seasons.

The plot involved the Devil Lucifer, who moved out of Hell and came on Earth to become a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Best fight scenes of Lucifer

The best of Lucifer on Netflix involved many things like Tom Ellis’s singing, the fighting scenes, investigation, and many more. So, let’s talk more about the fighting scenes in Lucifer. Isn’t it amazing for the audience to see heavenly beings fighting with each other on Earth, and their fighting involved godly power?

Still Watching Netflix uploaded a video about the best fighting scenes from Season one to Season six of Lucifer. Titanic battles and smaller spars–Lucifer has them all. Here are the best fighting scenes from Lucifer.

The not-so-big fighting scene is from Season 1, Episode 13- Take Me Back To Hell, where Amanadiel and Lucifer walk towards the men shooting bullets at them. Bullets didn’t hurt them, perks of being heavenly beings. In just five minutes, all the sinful men were done.

The next fight was a two-on-two, where Mazikeen fight with the fighting master in Season 2. The next fight is also between two people, but in a wrestling ring where Lucifer wrestles with his own brother Amanadiel. This fight was done in Season 3 Episode 11- City of Angels?

The biggest fight of Season 3, Episode 24- The Devil of My Word, where Lucifer is fighting with a bad guy who has Mazikeen’s tools.

Another big fight of Season 5, where Mazikeen fights with Lucifer, by trusting Micheal’s evil words, and Amanadiel fights with Michael in the L.A.P.D. office with stop time-zone. In Season 5, Episode 16, when God leaves his place in Heaven, all the children of God come on Earth to fight for the throne. This is the biggest fighting scene of all Lucifer.

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