“Embarrassed but not ashamed”: Netflix Brings a Powerful Spanish Series, ‘Intimacy’ on Betrayal, Sex Scandal, and Privacy

“Embarrassed but not ashamed”: Netflix Brings a Powerful Spanish Series, ‘Intimacy’ on Betrayal, Sex Scandal, and Privacy

There is nothing novel about the news of women getting physically, mentally, or emotionally abused by men. Be it low-key, normal women who are living their lives day-to-day or women who hold a public profile, they all have, at least once, faced any type of abuse and suppression from men or the patriarchal society. Netflix has brought us the story of a woman whose life has taken unexpected turns. This is a powerful Spanish series Intimacy.

What is the Spanish series Intimacy about?

Although someone exposed her private life to the public without her content, this is a powerful statement by a woman. What would happen to our lives when our very private moments become the discussion for everyone publically? What do you think intimacy is? Where do you see or put limits on it?

This is about an optimistic politician and her rollercoaster ride. Someone leaked a sex tape of her to the press and the story revolves around it, which follows the lives of another four women. Something impelled these women to walk the thin line between what belongs in private and public life. Here is a trailer for you.

What do you think privacy is? Do you think we have enough privacy? What is the guarantee that we will never be betrayed? Is this how the world is going to treat every strong and ambitious woman? What happens to the protagonist in the show? How does she fight and what happens with these other women? We really cannot wait to get all the answers.

Cast and release date of Intimacy on Netflix

The series will be released worldwide on June 10 on Netflix. This Spanish suspense thriller is going to be stimulating to watch, it seems. The cast of the show includes Itziar Ituño, Emma Suárez, Patricia López Arnaiz, Verónica Echegui, Ana Wagener, and Yune Nogueiras.

The creators of the show also commented on their views and feelings about the show. “Life can change in an instant… with the click of a mouse or the sound of a message being sent. In milliseconds, your private life stops being private and becomes public. Someone presses a button, causing an unrestrained hurricane to erupt. And, like an epidemic, your privacy spreads from screen to screen at an incredible rate. The powerlessness that these new times create, as well as the notion that many people’s borders of intimacy and privacy are undetectable, are the DNA of this series.” said Verónica Fernández, the creator of the show.

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Are you excited about this politically thrilling journey?

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