True Crime Netflix Drama ‘42 Days of Darkness’ Gives ‘Clickbait’ Vibes With Twists and Turns and Multiple Suspects

True Crime Netflix Drama ‘42 Days of Darkness’ Gives ‘Clickbait’ Vibes With Twists and Turns and Multiple Suspects

So many true crime dramas are streaming right now from Candy to Under the Banner of Heaven and The Staircase. But what makes 42 Days of Darkness on Netflix different? It’s definitely not the cast because almost all the actors are unknown. But it is the way the director has chosen to tell the true story behind the actual disappearance of Viviana Haeger. It’s atmospheric and character-driven that it keeps you hooked to your TV screens. 

What is the plot of the Chilean crime drama?

On June 29, 2010, Veronica goes missing after sending her daughters to school. When her daughter comes back home to find her mother missing, her aunt Cecilia and her father, Mario, call the cops. The baffling case soon becomes a full-fledged investigation. The investigation doesn’t produce any credible leads, which force Cecilia to take matters into her own hands to find her sister. 

42 Days of Darkness on Netflix dramatizes the real-life case of Viviana Haeger. She went missing on June 29, 2010. Her body was found 42 days later in the attic of her own home. It remains the most puzzling case of all time with multiple suspects. 

This show may remind you of yet another Netflix series, Clickbait, which featured different suspects in each episode, leaving fans guessing. Similarly, 42 Days of Darkness is filled with twists that will have you wondering: Is it the family that is behind the crime?

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Meet the cast member of 42 Days of Darkness on Netflix

  • Claudia Di Girólamo
  • Aline Küppenheim
  • Néstor Cantillana
  • Amparo Noguera
  • Gloria Müchmeyer
  • Julia Lübbert 
  • Daniel Alcaíno 
  • Pablo Macaya
  • Olivia Vargas 
  • Claudio Arredondo

What do the reviews say?

The true-crime drama holds an average rating of 6.8 on IMDb. Furthermore, Decider says, “STREAM IT. Armed with top-notch performances, 42 Days of Darkness delivers a moody, intriguing pilot, one that wastes no time hooking viewers with chilling drama.”

,While Ready Steady Cut thinks it’s an average show, “It probably won’t do big numbers, even among the usual crowd, since this is a show that lacks the attention-grabbing hook you really need to stand out in such an overcrowded genre. But those who do check it out will probably feel well-served by its patient, potent unfurling of uncomfortable truths and miserable turns, and they’ll be in good company.” 

So, have you decided yet? Will you watch this drama? If yes, then you can stream the series here

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