Drink Coffee Like Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Bodybuilding Titan Shares Some “Magic Beans” Tips That You Should Not Miss

Drink Coffee Like Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Bodybuilding Titan Shares Some “Magic Beans” Tips That You Should Not Miss

No matter how much we talk about it, we will never be over Arnold Schwarzenegger and his health tips for a better lifestyle. The Bodybuilding Titan might have reached the terminating period of his career, but his passion for helping create a proper healthy diet for others never stops. Every once in a while, the 75-year-old drops some healthy dos and don’ts and we bet you want it real bad. Giving his bodybuilding and fitness hacks a break, Schwarzenegger is back with new advice on how to drink coffee. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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In yesterday’s edition of his daily newsletter, Schwarzenegger got his audience intrigued by something unusual than the regular jacking tips. As reported by Sportskeeda, the star, in fact, went on to share his piece of advice on how to cope with an awful night’s sleep. 

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger advise on the intake of coffee?

In his daily newsletter called The Pump Daily, the Austrian talent makes sure he always got something new for his audience. This time around, he kick-started his letter with the massive, visible amount of research done on caffeine and its intake. He listed some scientifically proven facts on having coffee before breakfast or, in fact, any other meal for that matter. He wrote how “In the study, researchers explored how coffee before breakfast affects the rest of your day….

The star firmly believes that coffee following breakfast can really help you survive throughout the day. He further elaborated on how having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning might be quite tempting. However, it is always advisable to have a proper intake of food before it to help “revive your soul with caffeine.” 

What were the demerits if you didn’t follow those?

Citing the demerits of not following the same, the Austrian oak disclosed how black coffee on empty stomach results in a spike in blood sugar responses at nearly a 50% higher rate. Nonetheless, he also mentioned that in no way it means that “one cannot start the day without coffee.” Speaking of the sugar level, he said it only poses a threat if there is a ridiculing lack of sleep from the previous night. 

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Teasing his audience before concluding, the seven-time Olympic Champion sarcastically wrote that he never intended to make this week a coffee week. However, we now know the power of “the magical beam that can power any workout,” he said. 

What is your take on the matter? Let us know if you’re following a similar regime as Schwarzenegger in the comments below. 

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