Arnold Schwarzenegger Was to Find a Replacement Catchphrase to Donald Trump’s “You’re Fired”, Instead He Found Two!

If anyone in the film industry has the most extensive career, it is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Along with being the bodybuilding Titan, the actor also had a good hold in Hollywood with his out-of-the-park acting skills. In addition to it, you cannot even leave his political profession unnoticed. The star went from being an Olympic Champion to an award-winning movie star all the way to becoming the Governor of California over the years. And he might have also secured the President’s position if at all they gave him a chance. 

The same comes evident from the fact about how well he played the former US President, Donald Trump, or at least his catchphrases. The president was once a host to a famous TV reality show where he made fun use of his political boss’ rights and said, “You’re fired” to anyone who lost. However, the audience got something even more interesting from Arnold Schwarzenegger in no time. 

Donald Trump You are fired
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Poking fun at the same, the Russian-born talent took a subtle jibe at the ex-president in his own Terminator style. After having replaced Trump in the host’s seat for the New Celebrity Apprentice reality show on a fine Monday in 2016, Schwarzenegger told the fired contestants, “You’re terminated. Get to the chopper.” 

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Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Donald Trump 

They obviously took both of the catchphrases from his famous movies, 1884’s Terminator and 1987’s Predator. Stating his reasons for getting the contestants out of the game was simple. Speaking of the takeover of Donald Trump in the oval office, Schwarzenegger affirmed that he has twice been the Governor of California and that any transition for him was uncomfortable. 

However, for Trump it would have been “great to go from this to politics,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger. The role was something entirely new to the star. Thus, nervousness came naturally. However, he also commented that with the characters who were picked, there was going to be a huge drama. 

Participants with no worries went pin-drop silence during Trump’s reign, but that is not how Schwarzenegger handled things. “Who is taking the most risk is who it really comes down to,” further continued the then 69-year-old. 

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