Don’t Look Up Trailer Breakdown With Jennifer Lawrence

Don’t Look Up Trailer Breakdown With Jennifer Lawrence

Netflix released the Don’t Look Up trailer worldwide, and there are a million things to talk about. Most notably, the lead cast itself features Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. The pair of astronomers track a comet, only to find out that it is heading towards Earth. But when they try to alert the top brass of America, their worries fall on deaf ears.

The movie explores a new genre of the apocalypse with comedy. Jennifer Lawrence herself spoonfeeds us the trailer breakdown. Read more to learn about the behind-the-scenes and other gossips from the Academy Award winner.

The opening scene of the Don’t Look Up trailer

The scene shows Jennifer and Leo exiting a cargo plane, which Jennifer confirmed to be real and chilly. Jennifer describes her role as Kate Dibiasky, for which she consulted a female astronomer. They mutually decided that Kate would be a fierce lady.

She explained the daily struggle of wearing a different type of nose ring during the shoot. One of the nose rings had a magnet that she accidentally inhaled many times while filming. As a result, she had to spit it out in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jennifer praises the Don’t Look Up cast

The movie has an ensemble cast, and the trailer has showcased them all. Lawrence clearly recognizes nearly every actor’s contribution. First off is Rob Morgan, who plays the role of Dr. Oglethorpe, a scientist who works at NASA. Jennifer sarcastically mentioned how they had no choice and ended up with Meryl Streep, the 21-time Academy Award nominee.

Jonah Hill also stars in this movie, so fans can once again witness the iconic duo of Leo and Jonah on screen. Hill plays the role of the President’s son, who is also the Chief of Staff. Lawrence goes on about how Jonah does a lot of improvisation, also present in the trailer. The cast had to dedicate an entire day just for Jonah to roast Jennifer.

Jennifer Lawrence talks about her look in Don’t Look Up

Jennifer Lawrence credits her look in the film to the costume designer, Susan Matheson. Jennifer already has a nose ring and also sports bangs in this film. Timothee Chalamet also has an offbeat hairstyle like Jennifer, as he sports a mullet in the film. 

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Don’t Look Up trailer also featured a couple of big stars from the music industry, namely Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi.

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