The Centaurs Are Back- Here’s What to Expect From Centaurworld Season 2 on Netflix?

The Centaurs Are Back- Here’s What to Expect From Centaurworld Season 2 on Netflix?

It is clear from “My Little Pony” that ponies, pegasus, and unicorns have a deal with Netflix. But the only creatures missing are centaurs, and the streamer has an entire series specially focussing on them. Centaurworld is back on Netflix on December 7 for a season 2. The first season of the animated series had premiered on Netflix on July 30, 2021.

The animated musical comedy series threads the thin line between kids’ animated series and adult animated series. Let us have a quick overview of the first season of Centaurworld, and yes, there are spoilers ahead.

Centaurworld season 1 recap

The animated musical comedy follows a warhorse, aptly named Horse, teleported to a mystical land of centaurs from all species. Horse wants to return to her home and also reconnect with her Rider in the original dimension. And Horse and her Rider reunite. However, there was a slight mishap that trapped Horse and Rider in the Nowhere Place between the portals.

So, when Horse and Rider were trying to escape from the Nowhere Place, they accidentally ended up freeing the Nowhere King. Now that they released the Nowhere King, he has declared war on the centaurs. Horse was back to the dimension to recruit other centaurs and form an army.

What to expect from Centaurworld season 2?

The second season, releasing on December 7, will have 10 episodes as Netflix had made a deal for 20 episodes. The trailer hinted at this season focussing on Horse and her rival Becky Apples, Rider’s new horse. Also, the threat of the Nowhere King attacking the centaurs persists.

This season seems to have taken a wilder turn with more vibrant backgrounds, and the absurd humor has not mellowed down. Most of all, the fans will get more of the hilarious musicals that they knew the series for.

The star power behind the voice cast

Megan Nicole Dong created Centaurworld, and she made sure that the voice cast had some well-known names. The cast includes Kimiko Glenn, Josh Radnor, Fred Armisen, Tony Hale, and many other heavyweights from the industry.

Megan herself has voiced the character of Glendale. Megan has worked on other kids’ animated projects like Netflix’s “Pinky Malinky” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. Thus, she has created such a successful series.

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