Don’t Look Up Is Now a Climate Platform – Take a Step and Join the Community

Don’t Look Up Is Now a Climate Platform – Take a Step and Join the Community

Filled with Academy award winners, few movies have such a talented ensemble cast as Don’t Look Up. Netflix released the pre-apocalyptic comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence on December 10 in cinemas. The Adam McKay-directed movie is Netflix’s third big movie of the year, and it has received mixed reviews.

Netflix’s other attempts were “Red Notice”, and “tick, tick… BOOM!“. This was not just another fun movie you could forget about, rather, it calls for deep introspection of our lifestyles. The ones who haven’t yet watched the movie should keep in mind that there are spoilers ahead.

What is the message of Don’t Look Up?

Climate change is very much real, and the film draws our attention to the same. If we consider the Comet Dibiasky as climate change, other things will quickly fall in place. As depicted in the movie, while the believers and deniers of Comet Dibiasky fight, the comet keeps hurling towards us.

And, of course, some greedy politicians and billionaires have their vested interests. However, they manage to flee while the rest of humankind gets extinct. The nearly 150-minute-long movie warns us of the same while not getting too depressing, but the topic is such that one cannot help but feel sad.

How can things change?

The movie has decided not to sit tight and assess climate change. With the help of Count Us In, a global movement of people and organizations fighting climate change, Don’t Look Up has set up a site. This site will help anyone join the community and do their bit. There are already 241,218 members in the community who have saved 110,793,748 CO2E carbon.

There are stats to prove that every single person can help in this fight against climate change as one of the quotes on the site read: “Project Drawdown estimates that individuals can drive 25-30% of the global emission reductions needed to avoid the worst of climate change.”

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Rarely do we see any movie take such a strong stand against some issue. We hope every one of you joins this wonderful community, for climate change is not someone else’s problem.

Let us know in the comment section your thoughts on this initiative.

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