‘The Silent Sea,’ a Sci-Fi K-Drama Is Another Addition to the Korean Wave on Netflix – Check Others

‘The Silent Sea,’ a Sci-Fi K-Drama Is Another Addition to the Korean Wave on Netflix – Check Others

Viewers have got a new series to binge on as The Silent Sea premiered on Netflix on December 24. The eight-episode drama series shows a dystopian future, where scarcity of water on Earth has risen to alarming levels. Given the shortage, a team of selected astronauts and scientists is the last hope of society. They must find a solution by traveling to the Moon space station.

The Korean century might be upon us with the kind of content the industry keeps churning out. After Squid Game’s massive success just a couple of months back, The Silent Sea on Netflix is also making headlines. Thus, we look at why Korean thrillers are gaining traction among the international audience.

The Korean wave on Netflix

The Silent Sea also has a survival theme to it, which is not so far from that of “Squid Game”. As K-Dramas might have cracked the code to an international audience with thrillers, a surge of Korean thrillers like The Silent Sea on Netflix shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Certain factors have combined beautifully for this phenomenon. The first one was the pandemic, Korean content was always good, but people never had the time for it. After the worldwide lockdown, there was a shortage of content that Korean content has filled perfectly.

Second, Netflix provided a global platform for this content. From romcoms to thrillers, you can now find any genre you wish to watch. Also, the success of Korean movies like “Parasite” and “Train To Busan” has helped as people are looking for Korean hidden gems on Netflix.

Upcoming K-Dramas on Netflix

Sensing the anticipation of viewers, Netflix has invested more and more in Korean content. “Hellbound”, another K-Drama comprising eight episodes released back in November. Netflix also forayed into Korean reality shows with the premiere of “New World” on November 20.

In January 2022, fans can expect “Juvenile Justice,” a courtroom drama to grace their screens. A Korean romcom movie titled “Love and Leashes” will premiere in February 2022. Netflix had announced these shows during its global fan event, Tudum. Furthermore, a Korean remake of the hit Spanish series “Money Heist” is also in the works.

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Hence, it is safe to assume that fans of Korean content have enough to addict them to the screen for the coming months. Let us know in the comment section if you have binged The Silent Sea on Netflix.

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