‘Don’t Look Up’ Cast Talk About Working Together in the Star Studded Netflix Film

‘Don’t Look Up’ Cast Talk About Working Together in the Star Studded Netflix Film

A movie with a big ensemble cast always has everyone eagerly anticipating its release. Just the idea of some of your favorite stars working together excites you. Similarly, Don’t Look Up also had some of the biggest names in Hollywood and has us excited. However, not all movies with an ensemble cast perform well, so what was unique with Don’t Look Up?

A star-studded cast comes with its unique set of problems like there might be ego clashes. But, Don’t Look Up did not have such problems because of a skilled director in Adam McKay at the helm. So, let us find out the cast’s views on the multi-starrer film.

Adam McKay on the cast of Don’t Look Up

Adam McKay has been a part of many successful movies like Vice, Anchorman, and Step Brothers. And the director has also worked on ensemble cast movies like The Big Short. Thus, he knows how to get the absolute best out of every actor.

“We can’t really do a movie that’s just grim and dark,” Adam said. ” We wanted the film to be laugh-out-loud funny. And it was the combination of both that you could just tell all these actors were hungry for a joyful way to process the pothole-ridden road we were driving down 100 miles per hour for the past five years.”

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The two lead stars praise each other

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence paired up perfectly to provide us with Dr. Randall and Kate Dibiasky. The camaraderie between the co-stars comes organically as they respect each other. “Working with Leo was fantastic,” Jennifer praised Leonardo DiCaprio. “I have always been a huge fan, and he is the perfect person to be able to tell a story like this.”

“You know I had always wanted to work with Jen as an actress,” Leonardo complimented Jennifer. “Her ability to improvise and be in the moment at all times was amazing to witness.” Even the director appreciated Jennifer as he said: “She just has this wonderful hilarious anger and the character Kate Dibiasky is driven by that.”

Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep were in a different league

Meryl Streep would intimidate anyone, and it was no different with the people on the sets. Adam explains: “It was very fun to see when Meryl Streep walks on a set everyone’s demeanor changes slightly.” Leo was grateful for the chance to see Meryl Streep perform her scenes. But the combination of Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep was “awe-inspiring” for the Oscar winner.

“Jonah was a major key to this movie,” Adam explained the actor’s impact. “I knew if I had him I’d have someone in their throwing fastballs.” Other actors and actress, like Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, and Rob Morgan, also shared their views on the movie and its cast.

Have you streamed Don’t Look Up on Netflix? Who was your favorite among the cast? Let us know in the comments.

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