DON’T LOOK UP- Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence Break Down Their Morning Show Scene With a Take on Modern Media

DON’T LOOK UP- Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence Break Down Their Morning Show Scene With a Take on Modern Media

With Academy Award winners like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence headlining, the acting was always going to be top-notch. However, Don’t Look Up talks about climate change, but not everyone caught it because it was subtle. The movie takes a satirical approach to an apocalyptic event.

When two Oscar-winning actors break down a movie scene, everyone is all ears as they should be. So, we have got the breakdown of the scene, where Kate and Dr. Randall tell about their discovery on the morning show “The Daily Rip”.

P.S. Major spoilers ahead.

The Morning Show scene breakdown

The scene involved recreating a live news studio set. Leonardo DiCaprio explained that 15 different cameras were pointing at them from every direction. If you got a parody vibe from the entire scene, then you have the potential to be a director.

Adam McKay, the director, wanted the scene to be a parody of our culture, which led to tons of improv. Leonardo revealed that everyone did improv, as there were no rules. However, Jennifer quickly added that it was mostly Tyler who did the improv.

Both the anchors deserve praise for their almost identical portrayal of actual news anchors who try to keep the mood light.

Lawrence and DiCaprio talk about their characters in Don’t Look Up

When the two astronomers elaborate on their discovery, the news anchors ignore their warning. This moment leads to Kate exploding and even dropping the F-bomb on live TV. Jennifer gives us a brief character sketch of Kate, and how she doesn’t sugarcoat things. Because Kate is so blunt, her actions usually attract criticism, even though they are nothing but the truth.

don't look up

DiCaprio then explained his character-

“And then Dr. Randall becomes this kind of Safe Haven. He makes everybody feel like they’re in good hands.” Jennifer explains how Leonardo’s character has a different approach. “I remember watching a lot of climate scientists trying to articulate what’s going to happen to our planet in the sort of mainstream news outlets.”

Is Don’t Look Up a real story?

Although the story seems plausible, it isn’t an actual story. Moreover, if the story was true, we wouldn’t be alive, as Comet Dibiasky certainly eliminates everyone on Earth. The only comet we witness is Halley’s Comet every 75 years.

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