Does “this guy” Steal Screentime From The California Crew, Mike, And Will In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

Does “this guy” Steal Screentime From The California Crew, Mike, And Will In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

The superhit web drama Stranger Things has returned with more new characters in season 4. When a living disaster is creating havoc in the characters’ life, viewers are endlessly popping on something else. Why are more characters like Jason Carver cast in season 4? Are these new characters breaking the limelight of the lead roles like Mike and Will? With changed locations and situations in Stranger Things 4, there are many things viewers still have to digest. 

The golden boy Jason Carver, played by Mason Dye in Stranger Things season 4

In season 4, viewers see that the characters are pretty much occupied with their problems. Duffer Brothers peeked into new characters in High School, who are around the main gang of Hawkins. ‘Garret’ from the famous Teen Wolf series is shining as Jason Carver in season 4 of Stranger Things. Carver is a popular rich boy at Hawkins High School who seems to have a perfect preppy life. 

However, it seemed to many viewers that the boy with golden locks is stealing the light of Mike and Will but it has nothing to do with them. Jason’s character is just the buildup of normal high school life, where there is always a clash between famous privileges and other talented teenagers. Hence, Duffer Brothers have just set off high school life by adding such characters to the show. 

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Episode 7 has melted down fan’s expectations for Mike and Will in season 4

In other words, we can say that viewers were more disappointed by the absence of Will and Mike because they have been the heart of Stranger Things since season 1. And not seeing both of them in an important event like Vecna’s revelation disheartened the audience. 

Redditors were quick to express their disappointment about the lack of Will and Mike

But one Redditor found it sensible to not include them:

Twitterati weren’t far behind in expressing their feelings about the lack of Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp in episode 7.

This can be explained by the way tension was magnifying the situations in Nevada, Russia, and Hawkins. Mike and Will were given a setback because adding California to scenes would have ruined the whole thing. Besides, viewers still presume to see more of Will and Mike in volume 2 of Stranger Things

Haven’t streamed season 4 yet? Reveal the mystery of the final moments of episode 7 Stranger Things only on Netflix. 

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