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DISRESPECTFUL! Lea Michele Invited Staunch Criticism for ‘Pushing’ ‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink on Live TV

Following her breakout role in the Netflix show Stranger Things, Sadie Sink is thriving on the big screen. The young actress has been signing new projects, starring alongside famous faces in the entertainment industry. Her sea-blue eyes and red-colored hair have taken over the hearts of fans who can’t help but swoon. Viewers have become so enchanted by this impeccable superstar that they come running whenever she is surrounded by some new gossip.

Do you remember when fans accused the show creators Duffer Brothers forcing then-15-year-old Sink into a kissing scene in season 2? An online backlash erupted after viewers got to know that the lip-lock wasn’t scripted. However, things got settled when the actress stated that nobody pushed her to do it. And now the fans are once again taking a stand for their beloved Max, calling out Lea Michele for pushing her on live television.

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Fans shun Lea Michele for disrespecting Sadie Sink on the famous talk show

Two weeks ago, Sadie Sink and Lea Michele joined Jimmy Fallon to take part in a game of charades. The famous host introduced the name of the 20-year-old actor who emerged from backstage in a classic black dress. “Joining my team, she stars in The Whale, which is in theaters right now. Please welcome Sadie Sink!” announced Fallon. Following her entrance, he welcomed the former Glee star Lea Michele to join the team of Tonight Show’s singer, Tariq Trotter.


In the video, the Grammy-nominated entered the stage meeting Sink and then stood right in the middle. The Whale starlet stepped aside when Michele took the center position. All the hawk-eyed fans instantly noticed how Sadie Sink made room for the actress.

And they didn’t appreciate the actions of the 36-year-old star accusing that she pushed the Stranger Things star and it is disrespectful. People are currently slamming Lea Michele on social media for how she tried to steal the spotlight from Sink.

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What do you think about the fiasco? Do you agree with the fans, or they misunderstood the entire incident? Drop your views in the comments.

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