Director of ‘Pamela, a Love Story’ Explained Why He Wanted to Make an Anti-Celebrity Movie on Pamela Anderson

Director of ‘Pamela, a Love Story’ Explained Why He Wanted to Make an Anti-Celebrity Movie on Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is back on the screens to mesmerize the audience with the magic of the 90s. The model and actress was at the top of her game and fame at one time. Now, after a break of years, she is back with a book, a movie, and a lot of secrets to unravel.

Netflix recently dropped her documentary Pamela, a Love Story, where she herself speaks about her life. But how do you make a documentary on someone who has already seen ‘been there, done that’? Director Ryan White opens up about how he directed the movie and how it was actually anti-celebrity.

Director Ryan White explains why the Pamela Anderson movie was different

The most famous reel-life lifeguard is finally letting fans in on a lot of secrets. Netflix has released a Pamela Anderson movie that shows her in her raw character as she talks about life, love, and entertainment. As per HollywoodReporter, the film Pamela, with Love revolves around her years growing up until the point of her reaching this stage.

The documentary’s director, Ryan White said, “I would remind her a lot while we were making it, were: let’s make the anti-celebrity documentary.” This means that he did not want the movie to be overproduced. Rather, he wanted it to be raw and simple. Anderson agreed and also hated the idea of experts and pundits pitching in on the documentary.

Despite being a big name, the 55-year-old revealed how she has always done her own makeup. In a way, both the director and the actress had similar ideas and expectations of the documentary. White was initially hesitant to make celebrity documentaries but fell in love after speaking to her over the phone. He also thanked Netflix for allowing them to do things in their way.

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White got a lot of the inspiration from Anderson’s book, Pamela, with Love as well. Through her reemergence, she has dropped several secrets, including accusing Tim Allen of misbehavior. The Playboy magazine model can be seen getting candid about her journey in the one-hour-thirty-minute movie. She talks directly to the camera as we see clips and photos from the old days.

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