“I wish she would have” – Pamela Anderson’s Son Talks About the Notorious S*X Tape That Changed His Mother’s Career

“I wish she would have” – Pamela Anderson’s Son Talks About the Notorious S*X Tape That Changed His Mother’s Career

Pamela Anderson has finally opened up to the world! She is narrating her side of the story of how a small-town girl turned into an international sex symbol in a new Netflix documentary. Directed by Ryan White, Pamela A Love Story has arrived on the streaming giant today. The movie depicts unexplored chapters from the life of the famous Canadian actress.

For the very first time, fans will get the most authentic details about her career, rocky romances, and family straight from the source. Not only does the documentary give viewers an insight into her personal life, but reveals the trauma she went through while becoming this diva. Dwelling on one of those incidents, her son recently spoke about the infamous s*x tape scandal.

Brandon Thomas Lee wishes for different circumstances for Pamela Anderson

The eldest son of Pamela Anderson, Brandon Thomas Lee, who has produced the Netflix documentary, opened up about the stolen s*ex tape that tarnished her image. The American actor recalled the incident that made his mother a media target. He recently spoke about how this whole scandal would have profited her if she chose to make money from it, as reported by New York Post.

“I wish she would have made the money. She would have made millions of dollars if she had just signed the paper,” claimed the 26-year-old star. However, she stood back to protect her family from any kind of embarrassment. This notorious tape went out in public when an electrician and carpenter Rand Gauthier stole it from her garage. The Baywatch alum was married to Tommy Lee at that time and the video involved their personal moments of affection.

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During her appearance on the CBS Sunday Morning, the 55-year-old star revealed how she had no idea of the leaked tape. Pamela stated she never watched the video because it is heartbreaking that the world was watching your personal life.

“I mean, we were naked all the time and filming each other and being silly, but those tapes were not meant for anybody else to see,” said Anderson. This notorious s*x tape has once again grabbed the attention of viewers after the release of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy.

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