Did You Notice This Major Connection Between David Harbour’s ‘We Have a Ghost’ and ‘Stranger Things’?

Did You Notice This Major Connection Between David Harbour’s ‘We Have a Ghost’ and ‘Stranger Things’?

David Harbour recently starred in a new Netflix project which arrived on the platform last week: We Have a Ghost, a supernatural horror comedy created by Christopher Landon. The movie is an amazing goofy adaptation that focuses on the youngest child of Presleys who recently moved to a haunted estate. People who have already watched it might have explored the sad past of this silent ghost who doesn’t remember anything about his life when he was alive. However, one thing that many missed noticing is the backstory of this character that draws inspiration from Harbour’s Stranger Things character.

According to Screenrant, the characters played by David Harbour in two different Netflix projects share striking similarities. The past life of Randy in We have a Ghost is connected to Jim Hopper of Stranger Things. And it is not because the American actor has portrayed these characters but because the tragic storyline of Hopper gives a strong ground to this movie.

The comedy drama reveals that the ghost died after being separated from his 4-year-old daughter. While the chief police also had a similar story who lapse into alcohol and drug addiction after his young daughter died of cancer. Both Randy and Hopper face the same tragic fate expect their stories switch sides with life and death.

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Fortunately, they both finally get another chance at happy endings. As Jim Hopper meets Eleven, whom he later adopts, whereas Randy reunites with his now 50+ year-old daughter June at the end.

Stranger Things parallels are uplifting for We Have a Ghost

The resemblance between We Have A Ghost’s Randy and Jim Hopper of Stranger Things turned out fruitful for the Netflix film. Because if we think about it, the revelation of Ernest’s life history connects the viewers with his emotions. Since viewers are already aware of the agony and pain Hopper went through after losing Sara.

Therefore, people can empathize with the man who became a ghost after endlessly suffering from that loss. Although Randy and Hopper do not have any common relation in the matter but their fatherhood is the key to everything they are.

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What do you think about these father figures streaming on Netflix? Let us know your views in the comment box.

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