London Piercing Studio Reveals How They ‘Bent the Rules’ for ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown When She Visited With BF Jake Bongiovi

London Piercing Studio Reveals How They ‘Bent the Rules’ for ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown When She Visited With BF Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown has already proved her acting prowess by ruling the Netflix screen in the past years. Now the Stranger Things star is focusing on becoming a young fashion trendsetter and Gen-Z icon for her fans. From sporting a chic street-style tee to flashing her beauty in a flaming red bikini, she manages to turn the spotlight upon herself now and then. Her public appearances are getting more and more refined and eye-catching as she adds up to something new to her style every single time. As of now, the teenage star has shown some interest in the newest trends in piercing. The famous piercing studio in London has shared some intriguing info about how they overlooked some rules for her.

Speaking with The Mirror, owners of Metal Morphosis, Matthew, and Ben Harris revealed that Millie Bobby Brown visited them with her boyfriend. The studio also shared photos on their Instagram page which showed her new stack. “@milliebobbybrown came into MM to upgrade her stack!! Stranger things have happened…⚡️” ⁠read the caption.

During the conversation, Ben Harris described the first time she stepped into their London studio with Jake Bongiovi. The Enola Holmes star only came accompanying her bae, who wanted a helix piercing recalled the owner. He stated that the whole staff was going mad to see this superstar and called me instantly. But without getting overwhelmed by their emotions, they gave them space.

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Moreover, the couple came with their bodyguard, who stood outside while Bongiovi got pierced. According to him, the 19-year-old got impressed with their service and returned for five piercings in one sitting. Although the stylist team does not offer this many piercings at one time, they “bent the rules for her”. 

“She asked for two lobes, two helixes, and her navel, so that’s quite a lot of piercings in one day which we wouldn’t normally do,” he explained. Unfortunately, Ben Harris could not meet the actress at that time, but later thanked her for visiting the Carnaby Street studio.

Millie Bobby Brown is walking ahead of fashion trends

Followed up by these amazing piercings, fans saw Millie Bobby Brown in a completely new hairstyle. On a very special day in her life, the young star donned a French bob. Fans rejoiced when makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher posted her picture in brunette hair.

It was certainly a soothing moment since she has kept the blonde look for more than a year. But we cannot compare which suits her better because Brown looks good in everything.

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