Did You Know Will Smith Wasn’t the “Right Choice” to Be Cast in the Blockbuster Film, ‘Independence Day’?

Did You Know Will Smith Wasn’t the “Right Choice” to Be Cast in the Blockbuster Film, ‘Independence Day’?

Throughout his career, Will Smith has starred in many blockbuster movies. He got recognition for his wonderful performances in each one of them. Despite Independence Day getting wide recognition, being appreciated for Smith’s performance, and winning even Academy Award for Best Visual Effects; did you know the Oscar-winning actor was not the first and right choice for the film?

Independence Day turned the Men in Black actor into a star while giving birth to one of the greatest movie speeches. The movie earned a lot of money at the Box Office, and Roland Emmerich (director) and Dean Devlin (writer) opened up about it with The Hollywood Reporter when it turned 25 years in 2021. They talked about the film and how the executives were against Smith being the star of the film. While they were writing the script of the film, Emmerich and Devlin went to the Studio and shared their thought about casting Smith along with Jeff Goldblum.

The studio opposed the Aladdin actor’s casting because he was not established at the time, as shared by Emmerich and Delvin with The Hollywood Reporter. They said he would not appeal to the foreign audience. However, Devlin’s argument was the movie was about space aliens. Therefore, it would do fine with a foreign audience.

Amidst this giant war about casting Smith, whom the executives thought was not suitable for the role, Devlin won. Ultimately, they took Smith in and the rest is history.

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Will Smith starrer Independence Day became a blockbuster

Released on the 4th of July, 1996; Independence Day grossed a massive amount of $817.4 million globally. The film got wide recognition globally and won awards as well. While people loved the 54-year-old actor in the film, it changed his life. It also received the People’s Choice Award for the Favorite Dramatic Movie.

Later, the filmmakers asked the Bad Boys star to come back for the sequel as well in 2016. While interested in returning, Smith has to drop out due to scheduling conflicts, as he was working on Suicide Squad at the time.

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Have you watched Independence Day? Do you agree that Smith was the best choice for Captain Steven Hiller? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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