Did Netflix Renew the Columbian Thriller, The Marked Heart?

Did Netflix Renew the Columbian Thriller, The Marked Heart?

Netflix recently dropped major updates about a few of its hit shows like Space Force and Raising Dion. The news was regarding their new season and sadly, both the shows could not persuade Netflix to give them another chance. This unfortunate news made fans of another show worried that their show might get axed too. We are talking about the hit thriller The Marked Heart on Netflix.

The Columbian show has a huge fan base in its indigenous country and worldwide. So after not hearing the news about a potential new season for quite some time now, fans are scared they might not see another season of the show.

But Netflix has finally released updates regarding the show. So does the show get another season? Let’s find out.

What’s the show about?

The Marked Heart is a Colombian mystery thriller about a guy focused on exacting revenge on an organ trafficking ring. Simon’s wife is assassinated so that her heart may be removed and transplanted into Camila, the wealthy man’s wife. Simon seeks vengeance by entering the dangerous world of organ trafficking.

Amid his search, fate leads him to Camila, the lady who had survived due to his murdered wife’s heart. When both parties uncover the truth, the story will comes to a close. And believe us when we say that things become much too complex and dangerous.

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Is The Marked Heart renewed on Netflix?

To cut a long tale short, The Marked Heart has been renewed for a second season.

The series launched globally on Netflix on April 20, 2022. It’s already been picked up for a second season. So we can expect the revelation of more secrets and mysteries in the next season.

The whole cast crew that worked on the first season was immensely happy to announce the show’s return and did so through a YouTube video. Series creator Leonardo Padrón said“as soon as the series was over, fans were asking for more. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better response.” 

What do you think about the show’s renewal by Netflix? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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