‘The Marked Heart’ on Netflix Is a Silly Telenovela on Organ Harvest, Should You Watch This Columbian Thriller?

‘The Marked Heart’ on Netflix Is a Silly Telenovela on Organ Harvest, Should You Watch This Columbian Thriller?

Originally titled Pálpito, The Marked Heart on Netflix is as soapy as it can get for a telenovela. But what you don’t expect from a telenovela is having organ trafficking as part of the main narrative. Usually, telenovelas tend to have a lighter tone, with the silliest and most shocking plot twists. But not this one. 

What is the plot of The Marked Heart?

Valeria and Simon are married with two kids and living a happy life until they get into a road accident. It is later revealed that the accident was intentional. The men from the men that were following them on the road before the accident caused it to abduct Valeria.

Camila, a woman who is about to get married to Zacharias collapses on her wedding day. Her heart isn’t doing well, and she needs an immediate heart transplant. But getting a donor is not easy, because there are too many patients waiting for a transplant before her. Her fiance, Zacharias is a powerful consultant to the politicians. Instead of waiting for her turn to come and keep her alive, he abducts Valeria to cut her heart out. He had earlier seen her picture at the marathon that was taken by Camila. On the other hand, Camila doesn’t have any clue that her fiance plans to murder a woman to save her life. 

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Who are the cast members?

  • Ana Lucia Dominguez 
  • Michel Brown
  • Sebastian Martinez 
  • Miguel Gonzalez 
  • David paez
  • Margarita Munoz 
  • Valeria Emiliano
  • Moises Arizmendi

What do the Marked Heart on Netflix reviews say?

On IMDb, the Colombian drama has a decent rating of 7.1. Decider wrote: “SKIP IT. The Marked Heart on Netflix is just too silly for such a dark topic. Yes, we know that telenovelas are inherently silly, but here it just doesn’t work. It’s just too much, and considering the dark subject matter, it could have been treated much more seriously and been a much more affecting drama. We just don’t think marrying a dark topic like this with the telenovela style works in the long run.”

The freshly debuted show doesn’t have any user reviews at the moment.

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