Did Kanye West Inspire Taylor Swift to Write Karma?

Did Kanye West Inspire Taylor Swift to Write Karma?

Pop culture would have been significantly different had Kanye West gone to the loo when Taylor Swift accepted her award at the eventful 2009 VMA night. It is similar to how West would still be considered a genius and a fashion Mughal had he not made those anti-Semitic tweets. While there seem to be a lot of ‘would have’ and ‘could have’ associated with West, Swift, on the other hand, seems to have done it all: Winning any and every grand music award and expressing herself freely, be it in her lyrics or award shows.

Call it what you want, but with the way Swift has been scooping awards, it seems that she definitely has some good Karma. And following the pattern, she had yet another winning night at the VMA’s this year, where she also announced her 10th studio album. Almost every Taylor Swift song has to meet with the fate of being associated with men she has had drama with. Therefore, it did not come as a shock when Karma met the same fate.

Fans began speculating that the song was about controversies Kanye West has gotten himself embroiled in, but looks like they have taken the speculations too far.

Is Taylor Swift song Karma really about Kanye West?

Swift’s albums, apart from bearing Easter eggs, also carry hidden stories. The singer’s talent to turn her real-life tragedies into billboard charts-topping songs will always be fascinating. But despite her talents, her songwriting is often washed down to being about a guy. While the Grammy-winning artist has long outgrown it, she still finds herself embroiled in the Kanye West drama. We are sure a majority of Swifties would agree that the Reputation was quite a banging end to it.

However, many fans are claiming that her 2022 song Karma is also referencing West. But even if that was the case, the timing does not seem to make sense. On the 8th of October, West wrote a series of disturbing tweets, which got him locked out of the platform. Swift announced her album on the 28th of August, and while Taylor Swift may be a genius but she is no fortune teller. Therefore, Swift’s Karma is not a direct hit on Kanye West.

That said, her song is a fitting jab at the Gold Digger singer considering his circumstances, but some fans are glad it is not because they don’t wish for something as serious as anti-Semitism to be downplayed as pop culture drama.

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Give Karma a shot on your own and let us know if you think the song is about West.

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