Dexter: New Blood Season 2 and Netflix Release Updates

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 and Netflix Release Updates

Set after a decade of the events of Dexter finale is Dexter: New Blood. About 10 years after Hurricane Laura and Dexter’s alleged death, we watch Dexter return again in this spinoff to the original Dexter series. It follows Dexter Morgan and his son as they try to get past the “Dark Passenger”. Find here all updates about Dexter: New Blood and its appearance on Netflix.

Will Dexter: New Blood Come to Netflix?

What’s it about?

Dexter Morgan is a forensic expert who specializes in bloodstain analysis. What’s off about this man is that he sometimes has an inexplicable “need to kill“. He calls the act of killing feeding to the “Dark Passenger“. Running for a total of 96 episodes divided among 8 seasons, Dexter was a tremendous success. The show even has a video game where players solve crimes and hunt down murderers to kill.

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The finale of Dexter shows Morgan to be presumed dead. But, as it turns out, he was in hiding and leading a life far away from his initial home. Dexter: New Blood shows Morgan working as a shopkeeper with a new identity in a small town. He even befriends and courts the town’s chief of police and has largely suppressed his need to keep feeding the Dark Passenger.

However, Morgan’s quiet little life in this suburb changes completely when his son Harrison visits him. The man who has left his past behind finds his life completely turned upside down as his urges to kill visit him again. Although, this time around, Dexter isn’t just concerned about the Dark Passenger living within him, he thinks the same is true for his son, as well.

When will we see Dexter: New Blood on Netflix?

With the kind of success and acclaim Dexter had received, Dexter: New Blood was bound to be successful as well. And so it was.  The spinoff series was released on November 7, 2021 on Showtime. But fans have been waiting for Dexter: New Blood to appear on Netflix and have been disappointed so far. And seems like it will remain the same further, as well.

Dexter: New Blood is not on Netflix and will most probably not be on the platform any time soon. Meanwhile you can check out series like it that are available on the platform.

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