Shows Like Dexter: New Blood on Netflix

Shows Like Dexter: New Blood on Netflix

When Dexter provided a subpar last season, the fans weren’t having it. And these fans weren’t as unlucky as “Game of Thrones” fans, as showrunners fulfilled the fans’ wishes. Dexter: New Blood will release on November 7, but it won’t be available to stream on Netflix. However, we have come up with a list of shows similar to Dexter: New Blood on Netflix.


You is a thriller series that follows bookstore manager Joe Goldberg whose obsession with his crushes leads him to stalk and eventually murder them brutally. This show not only has stars in it, but even rappers following it want to star in it.

Cardi B has admitted on Twitter that she is a big fan of the thriller series. You would certainly fall for the charms of Joe Goldberg and his new partner in crime. Season 3 of You premiered on Netflix on October 15, 2021.

Breaking Bad

This show might not feature your typical serial killer murdering hordes of people. But it involves some high-level drug syndicate action. Breaking Bad has achieved cult status because of its wonderful cinematography, powerful writing, and equally compelling acting from the cast.

Another selling point for this show is that its ending will not disappoint you and is one of the rare ones which could attain this feat. The IMDb score of this series is a whopping 9.4.


Blacklist, first aired on September 23, 2013, has already released eight seasons, and the ninth season is ongoing. The crime thriller series focuses on Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a criminal who works in cahoots with the FBI after escaping from them for a long time.

This series will surely confuse you with its twists and turns at every moment. Even though the series has recently run in some trouble, fans can look forward to the nine seasons of the series.


Dexter is a pretty good serial killer, but he is not as creepy as some of the actual serial killers. This David Fincher-directed series follows two FBI agents as they interview some of the worst serial killers of America.

The series has done the casting and makeup of the actors to perfection, which will give you the chills when you watch them on-screen. Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t renewed this 8.6-IMDb series for a season 3 because of its low viewership. But, with Dexter: New Blood not coming on Netflix, the streamer might reconsider its options to compete with it.

Dead to Me

This long list has some pretty serious stuff, and to lighten up the mood, we have added this series. Dead to Me is a dark comedy focusing on Jen, a widow who copes with her husband’s death in a hit-and-run case and befriends Judy, who has her own dark past, at a support group.

The series has two seasons with 10 episodes each. Furthermore, it has won several nominations for the superb performance by the leads. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star in this series.

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