Dexter: New Blood on Netflix Updates – When Will the Show Become Available to Stream?

Dexter: New Blood on Netflix Updates – When Will the Show Become Available to Stream?

When it comes to crime shows, there is only a handful that can compete with the amazing Showtime thriller called Dexter. Having aired from 2006 to 2013, Dexter is based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The story follows our lead, Dexter, who is a forensic technician during the day and a serial killer at night. But Dexter: New Blood Netflix is what we want to know about.

Today, the world awaits Dexter: New Blood. It is a limited series that will follow the events of the original show, which ran for a total of 96 episodes and was a great success. While sitting and patiently yearning for more Dexter content, here is every single update we have so far.

Dexter: New Blood plot

Dexter faked his death and went to live a secluded life in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. New Blood will follow our lead 10 years after the original storyline. But for some reason, Jim Lindsay (Dexter’s disguise) will be forced to follow his anti-hero persona.

The cast for the show

It is always interesting to see whether or not the old cast will return for a continuation years after the original show. We do have some good news for people as many cast members are set to make a return for the show. But at the same time, new faces will be introduced as well.

Some of the confirmed cast members include-

  • Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
  • Julia Jones as Angela Bishop
  • David Magidoff as Teddy Reed
  • Alano Miller as Logan
  • Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey
  • Steve M. Robertson as Matt
  • Jack Alcott as Harrison
  • Debra Carpenter as Dark Passenger

The latest updates we know about Dexter

On October 14, Showtime released a total of 11 pictures from the first episode of the new limited series. The episode is titled ‘Cold Snap’, and the set of images is rather warming for the audience as they get to see the original and familiar faces from the show.

Dexter: New Blood Netflix – will the show be on the streaming service?

There are no updates available regarding the show’s availability on Netflix. The 10 episode series is set to release on November 7, 2021, with a new episode premiering every week. Though the show will not be available on Netflix, you can watch it on Showtime.

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