Stream Nightbooks for a Fun Family Night This Halloween Season

Stream Nightbooks for a Fun Family Night This Halloween Season

Netflix’s brand new fairy tale is Nightbooks, and fans are going crazy over it. This film by J. A. White is inspired by the 2018 children’s fantasy horror book of the same name.

Nightbooks is a treasure for Netflix originals. This 2021 American dark-fantasy thriller, directed by David Yarovesky, focuses on a boy named Alex. He is obsessed with horror stories and is trapped in New York City apartment with a witch.

If you are looking for a friendly film to watch together with family and start your Halloween season with a bang, Nightbooks is the one for you. Netflix’s Nightbooks can give you chills, but in a friendly way.

The cast of Netflix’s Nightbooks

The cast of this Netflix film, Nightbooks, features Alex as Winslow Fegley as Alex, Lidya Jewett as Yazmin, and Krysten Ritter as the Witch who kidnaps Alex.

Krysten Ritter, as the deadly witch, has excelled by connecting with the character which leaves your children unsettled a few times. Natacha, the witch, is nasty. However, she has an amazing fashion sense. In combining fashion with horror, Ritter did an exemplary job.

All you need to know about Nightbooks

A deadly witch, Natacha, captures a young boy, Alex, in a magical apartment. Alex is a bright boy with a passion for writing scary stories. The magical apartment tempts Alex, and he falls for the trap by Natacha. She threatens to kill him unless he read her a scary story every day. Natacha asked, “Is there any reason I should let you live?” “I write scary stories,” says Alex. Hence, his passion becomes his only way for survival.


Natacha’s apartment is a Victorian wonderland with a massive library and a magic garden. In there, Alex finds another of the witch’s prisoners-a girl named Yazmin. She has lost all hope of escape. Yazmin advises Alex, “Forget your family, focus being useful to the witch.”

Alex and Yazmin make an impressive pair together. Akin to Hansel and Gretel, they plot their escape. Let’s see if our new Hansel and Gretel can escape the deadly witch, or not. Also, find out what happens to the witch.

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