Despite the Success, Penn Badgley’s Netflix Drama ‘You’ Raises Serious Concerns for Real-life Stalking Victims

Despite the Success, Penn Badgley’s Netflix Drama ‘You’ Raises Serious Concerns for Real-life Stalking Victims

Over the past few years, psychological thrillers have become one of the most popular formats of storytelling around the world. This genre attracts a massive following worldwide and various streaming platforms, especially Netflix, have a massive catalog of such shows and films. Psychological thrillers are intriguing and one cannot help but get hooked on them. And one of the most popular projects in this genre is Netflix’s You.

Released back in 2018, You took the world by storm as the show became immensely popular among the masses. Within the first week of its release, You became one of the most watched shows on the platform. The first part of show’s fourth season has already reached our screens. Unsurprisingly, the news has garnered a lot of attention as fans are eager to see what lies ahead. While the show is reaching great heights in terms of popularity, it has also attracted some concerning reactions from the fans. But why?

Why is You raising concerns for stalking victims?

The psychological thriller You follows the story of starring Pen Badley as Joe Goldberg, a serial killer and a stalker, who is as good with his flirting skills as he is with murders. Joe meets Beck in a library and, interestingly, becomes obsessed with her and starts following her every move. And like every time, fans went gaga with the serial killer Joe for his looks, forgetting that he is a serial killer. While the plot surely gets the viewers hooked, some fans have criticized and called out the show for allegedly romanticizing stalking.

The show’s fans are highly passionate. Amy Bonami from Social Justice Associates feels that passion is a problem. According to her, when such behavior is romanticized, it instills a sense of fear and threat amongst those who are targeted. Furthermore, the social media behavior of the viewers indicates that they are missing out on the point. While Joe is surely attractive, the show is actually a reminder for the fans about the increasing rate of stalkers. Instead of calling out the Joe, fans are coming to his defense and praising him.

Meanwhile, the lead actor of the show, Penn Badgley, has addressed the issues a number of times. Time and again, the Stepfather star reminded the fans to not obsess over Joe. Badgley previously revealed to E!Online that he was “personally troubled” over the obsession of fans over Joe.

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Now that season 4 is all set premiere soon, hopefully the fans do not deviate from the point that the show actually wants to convey. You season 4 will be exclusively available only on Netflix.

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