Despite Selling Mint Mobile for $1.3 Billion, Ryan Reynolds Could Get $300 Million From the Deal

Despite Selling Mint Mobile for $1.3 Billion, Ryan Reynolds Could Get $300 Million From the Deal

The Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds, has earned his name as a brilliant actor in Hollywood. Lately, he has been trying to establish himself as a businessman as well. The actor has been a part of Mint Mobile for around 3 years. Recently, he sold his stakes to T-Mobile for $1.3 billion. But did you know, the Canadian actor could walk away with a little less but a sizeable amount?

After buying the stakes of Mint Mobile in 2019, the actor owned almost 25% of the company. When the Deadpool actor bought the stakes back then, he even showcased his classic sense of humor by joking about it. He said he would pay himself monthly $15. He recently sold his part of the stakes to another telecom giant while potentially walking out with $300 million. Although no one from the company nor did the actor reveal the portion that the actor sold, as reported by CBS News.

Not only Mint Mobile but also T-Mobile didn’t reveal any more information than the public already knows. In 2020, the father of four also sold his stakes from Aviation Gin after being a part of it for 3 years. And now he sold his stakes from the wireless service provider.

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With the money he would get from this deal, fans want him to buy the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. Reynolds had already met with the commissioner, Gary Bettman, and charmed him. However, then there was a question of affordability. But now, as he sold his stakes in Mint Mobile, fans are optimistic about the buy.

What else Ryan Reynolds is doing in his professional life?

Apart from settling this deal, the Vancouver-born actor is expanding his business in his native land. He is establishing his business in Canada with Maximum Efforts. He wants to create the largest television and movie production hub. Moreover, the actor is also focusing on his football club, Wrexham AFC. Reynolds and his partner, Rob McElhenney, want to make the team global.

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old actor is also preparing for his upcoming movie, Deadpool 3. While the professional life of the actor seems extremely busy, after welcoming the fourth child into the family, his personal life has also become hectic.

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