Despite Being the Worst Movie of Ryan Reynolds’ Career, James Gunn Teases the Possibility of ‘Green Lantern’ in DCEU

Despite Being the Worst Movie of Ryan Reynolds’ Career, James Gunn Teases the Possibility of ‘Green Lantern’ in DCEU

James Gunn does not seem to be done with Green Lantern yet. The 2011 movie is arguably the worst project that Ryan Reynolds worked on. However, for the Free Guy actor, working on it helped his personal life since he met Blake Lively during the shoot. But playing Green Lantern and the merc-without-a-mouth version of Deadpool in X-men: Origins Wolverine, shook his chances of playing superhero characters.

Reynolds then ended up making one of the most successful Marvel movies, Deadpool. While he may have moved on from the failure of Green Lantern, DC studios co-CEO James Gunn is likely not done with the movie and its future. In a social media comment, he gave fans a reason to believe that.

Ryan Reynolds starrer Green Lantern gets a new update from James Gunn

DC finds itself competing with Marvel as the latter has been successful in exploring its characters through the movies. Although Green Lantern failed to do that, James Gunn has likely not given up on his hopes for the superhero. The co-CEO of DC studios recently shared a Thanksgiving post on Twitter with some famous DC characters.

One fan pointed out how Green Lantern was absent from the photo and commented, “No Green Lantern in this image, therefore I can confidently claim that Gunn and Safran have no intention of adding the character into the DCU, this is a scoop am 100% confident in.”

Gunn, who has 1.3 million followers on Twitter, decided to reply to the comment and wrote, “Probably not a good scoop! Happy Thanksgiving!” DC had high hopes for another 2015 movie, Green Lantern Corps, after the success of Man of Steel, but scrapped plans afterward to avoid the same fate as the Ryan Reynolds movie.

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DC attempted to do the same with Black Adam in 2022 but was unsuccessful. At present, Green Lantern is announced to appear on television with a live-action show, which is also going through a creative halt. But with the company evolving with time and Gunn’s comment, anything could happen.

Would you like to see a better Green Lantern return to the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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