Despite a vacancy in Henry Cavill’s Superman Role Kumail Nanjiani wants to play THIS character in DCEU .

Despite a vacancy in Henry Cavill’s Superman Role Kumail Nanjiani wants to play THIS character in DCEU .

In recent times, Kumail Nanjiani has become an incredibly popular actor in Hollywood. With incredible performances in Star Wars:Obi Wan Kenobi and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, the Pakistani-American actor has made a mark for himself in the genre. However, this is not all the actor has to offer. Over the years, Nanjiani has been a part of an array of projects. And recently, the actor expressed his desire to be a part of the DCEU but in a role you might’ve never expected.

As we all know, in the past few months, DC has been going through a major shift. Several projects have been put on-hold and big names have left the franchise. Despite all these changes, fans are eager to know which actor will take up the Superman mantle after Henry Cavill. However, amidst all the confusion regarding the next Superman, Nanjiani has shown interest in playing a very underrated character.

Which character in the DCEU does Kumail Nanjiani want to play?

Superman is one most popular characters in the DCEU, with an incredibly rich pop culture history as well. And now that Cavill has bid farewell to the role, there is a lot of hype regarding who will be the next Superman. While many actors would love to play the character, Kumail Nanjiani; the other hand admitted that he would love to star in DC but not as Superman. The Eternals star on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast revealed his interest in playing Ambush Bug.

While DC’s Irwin Schwab/Ambush Bug is not a very popular character in DC, the Star Wars star spoke, “Well I want to do an Ambush Bug movie… He’s like this news reporter guy.” Furthermore, Nanjiani added, “He’s Weird,” while elaborating on the character. However, Nanjiani did not leave the Superman question unanswered.

What did the Eternals star say about playing  Superman after Henry Cavill?

The Big Sick star revealed that the role of Superman comes with a lot of different expectations. In addition, Nanjiani spoke about how everybody has a different idea about the character. Furthermore, it will upset the fans if Superman is not played in the way they want it to be. Considering the benchmark Henry Cavill has set for the character, Nanjiani’s point stands.

Meanwhile, Ambush Bug is a star-witted and quirky character similar to Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool. And if Nanjiani ever bags the role, the audience is in for a treat. Also, Nanjiani is a dear friend of James Gunn, so the Suicide Squad director bringing him to DC is surely a possibility.

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According to you, what other character in the DCEU can Kumail Nanjiani star in? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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