Desperate Fans Buy Tickets to ‘Avatar 2’ to Watch Ryan Gosling’s ‘Barbie’ Trailer?

Desperate Fans Buy Tickets to ‘Avatar 2’ to Watch Ryan Gosling’s ‘Barbie’ Trailer?

We all brushed off Aqua telling us about the “barbie world” in 1997 and we owe her an apology for that. With Greta Gerwig coming up with a Barbie movie smacked with stars such as Ryan Gosling and giving us an IMDb description as vague as “Barbie lives in Barbie Land and then a story happens” to drive us crazy, it has been proven that it is indeed Barbie’s world.

The movie will not be releasing in theaters until 2023, so what tickets exactly are fans buying? Oh! to watch the 1 min and 15 seconds mini teaser of Barbie before James Cameron’s three-hour-long decade’s worth of work starts rolling. Remember how when we were younger, Barbie dolls had a chokehold on us? With the unfolding of the current scenario, looks like the sentiment still stands strong.

Ever since the announcement of theaters playing the Barbie teaser before the Avatar movie came out, the jokes have taken over Twitter. And given the lackluster response to the movie, they may not be jokes anymore.

Are fans buying tickets to watch the Barbie trailer?

Greta Gerwig has taken the ‘hot mystery girl’ theme a little too seriously for her upcoming Barbie movie. However, Gerwig is an Academy award-winning director and definitely knows what she was doing. But the same cannot be said for fans who would do anything, including buying tickets to Avatar 2 just to watch the Barbie teaser play out.

What started as a joke quickly caught fire, much like anything on Twitter, and now it has belittled Avatar: The Way of Water in theaters. While some may argue that James Cameron and his larger-than-life ambitions for the movie are to be blamed, bringing it down to ‘a movie that played after the Barbie teaser’ still stings those who have been waiting for the Avatar sequel.

Avatar: The Way of Water has been in the making for thirteen years now and has a budget of millions.

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The fact that Ryan Gosling was the man who lost sleep in the ‘Papyrus’ SNL skit because of the logo and is also the actor starring in the Greta Gerwig movie, which according to people, is the only reason Avatar 2 tickets are worth it is one of the best revenge plots if you ask us.

Did you watch Avatar 2? Did you watch it for Barbie? Let us know in the comments below.

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