Ahead of the $400M ‘Avatar 2’s Release, James Cameron Revisits 2017’s Hilarious SNL Sketch Featuring Ryan Gosling and the Papyrus

Ahead of the $400M ‘Avatar 2’s Release, James Cameron Revisits 2017’s Hilarious SNL Sketch Featuring Ryan Gosling and the Papyrus

It has been five years since Ryan Gosling mocked Avatar on SNL. The movie is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of all time, making billions in profit and changing the way we see animations and aspects of creativity. But Gosling’s SNL skit proved that even massive projects like these are susceptible to mockery.

The actor appeared in the late-night comedy skit show years ago, wherein he is shown to be highly disturbed by the fact that such a big movie used Papyrus as the font for the movie’s logo Avatar. They added to the mockery by writing the word Papyrus in Comic sans font. Years later, Avatar director James Cameron responded to that video ahead of the movie’s sequel.

How James Cameron responded to the SNL skit where Ryan Gosling criticized Avatar

James Cameron has taken his stand on the Papyrus font that turned into meme content, no thanks to The Notebook actor. Cameron said, “Of course, it was mercilessly criticized as a lazy choice, but frankly, I like the font.” He said that choosing fonts was the marketing team’s choice, and it was selected after consideration instead of laziness, as shown in Gosling’s SNL skit. He also sarcastically replied about how the movie would have raised money if it was not for the font and took friendly jabs at Gosling for the criticism too.

“Ryan Gosling needs to get out more, instead of freaking out over our source. It’s time to move out of your mom’s basement, Ryan!” said the Canadian filmmaker. He also added that if Papyrus resonates with indigenous culture in the public view, then he is “not going to lose sleep over it.”

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The Papyrus typeface was created by Chris Costello. He defended the font, although it is considered one of the worse fonts and became a subject of mockery. Avatar’s sequel seems to have given itself a font uplift, but it still looks a lot similar to the original. The movie is set to release on December 16 of this year.

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