What was Bothering Ryan Gosling About ‘Avatar’ and Its Sequel, ‘The Way of Water’

What was Bothering Ryan Gosling About ‘Avatar’ and Its Sequel, ‘The Way of Water’

If you are also one of them who gets sudden spurts of headache from Avatar‘s Papyrus font, you have a friend amongst you. Years after the release of the international hit, Avatar, Hollywood A-lister Ryan Gosling seems to be stuck on its font forever. He was so frustrated by the logo that he filmed a hilarious video segment roasting the font on SNL.

It does not matter how many years go by, this sketch of Gosling will continue to live rent free in our minds forever. The SNL skit did it so hard that it successfully coaxed James Cameron to change the font. However, Ryan’s video still remains a timeless joke of the era. Dive in further to know what it was all about.

How did the SNL video starring Ryan Gosling roast the font?

The show portrayed Gosling playing the parody role of a lost and depressed man who had some serious issues. While we all thought it was something of a trailer, it hilariously ended up showing him struggling with the Papyrus font. Gosling made the video with his flawless acting five years ago. However, here we are, in 2022, still re-watching this sketch and laughing at every detail of it. The video mocks the logo designer, as Gosling compared the selection of the font to a random child aimlessly yanking off leaves from saplings.

Ryan went on to show that the font was so dreadful that it ended up haunting him in his sleep and everything he did. It showed him detailing how the makers probably chose the font. Lastly, Steve’s (Ryan’s) therapist hinted at the sequels of the movie. However, rest assured since they have now changed the font. The battle has been finally won. The Way of Water, its recent sequel, has finally fixed the logo, restoring balance in the world.

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Supporters across the world took the troll video to reach millions of views. Many typeface enthusiasts nodded along with Ryan and agreed with the hysterical theme of the video. Meanwhile, Avatar is simply one of the very best pieces of art in the history of cinematography. It has no peers. It stands alone. Tall and proud.

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