DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Star Diane Guerrero Wishes To Take Up a Ryan Reynolds-Esque Role in the Future

DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Star Diane Guerrero Wishes To Take Up a Ryan Reynolds-Esque Role in the Future

DC has a plethora of superheroes under its belt. Over the years, we have witnessed various actors star in several superhero roles from the DC Extended Universe. From Henry Cavill’s Superman to Ben Affleck’s Batman, the franchise gave the world some of the most interesting, and memorable superheroes. While these characters went down as one of the best ever, few, on other hand, did not sit well with the viewers like Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern.


The role was both a commercial and theatrical blunder. It was also one of the biggest flops in Ryan’s career. However, while every actor wants to recreate the iconic Superman or Batman role from the DCEU, Doom Patrol actress Diane Guerrero on the other hand, has expressed her interest in playing another peculiar character.

Diane Guerrero interested in playing THIS Ryan Reynolds character

Diane Guerrero is no stranger to the DCEU. The actress made her first appearance in a DC film as Crazy Jane in the American superhero television series Doom Patrol based on a DC comic superhero team of the same name. However, it seems like Guerrero already knows what role of the DCEU she wants to play next. During a Q/A session with the official Twitter account of Doom Patrol, a fan asked the actress which DC role she would like to play except for Crazy Jane, to which she quickly responded, “Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern! That’s my next DC character, just to put it out there… DG.” 

Jessica Cruz is a member of the Green Lanter Corps. Cruz is relatively a new character from the DC comics and made her first appearance in Justice League (vol. 2) #31 in 2014. Interestingly, the character also shares the same power as Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Despite a handful of appearances in various comics and animated films, Cruz is yet to make her live-action debut. While there is no confirmation about the character making her debut in the DCEU, considering Guerrero’s versatility, it would be interesting to see her star in another DC project. Meanwhile, Guerrero even voiced Jessica Cruz in Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern was panned by the fans and critics worldwide. However, keeping in mind the rich history Green Lantern enjoys in the comics, there is clearly room to introduce Jessica Cruz. Apart from her DC roles, Guerrero even starred in Netflix’s drama series, Orange Is The New Black and action film Killerman.

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