Dan Leveille’s AI Art Perfectly Depicts Tom Holland As Link From Netflix’s ‘The Legend of Zelda’

Dan Leveille’s AI Art Perfectly Depicts Tom Holland As Link From Netflix’s ‘The Legend of Zelda’

Artificial Intelligence is the future. In recent times, we have witnessed robots and machines perform a plethora of human activities. Undoubtedly, AI is a revolutionary change, and with each passing day, technology gets more and more advance. Furthermore, AI has become a necessity in all stages of film production. The use of AI is evident in films and series, especially in the fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero genre. While AI cannot express emotions and feelings, which is a prerequisite for acting, it seems like AI programming can clearly fool the human eye. Recently an AI artist’s depiction of Tom Holland as Link tricked the audience into believing that Holland might be a part of the show.

An artist tricks everyone into believing that Tom Holland will be a part of Netflix’s The Legend of Zelda

Tom Holland is one of the greatest performers of today’s generation. Time and again, the British actor has proved himself to be an incredible actor, especially through his films like Spiderman and Uncharted. Amidst all the rumors of The Legend of Zelda getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix, who would not like to see Tom Holland in such a popular franchise? While considering Holland’s previous works, the actor is surely a perfect fit for the role, and now AI has proved it. With the perfect use of AI programming, artist Dan Leveille depicted Tom Holland as Link in such a perfect manner that fans started speculating about the actor’s presence on the show. While the image of Tom as Hylian hero slightly varies in realism, the ear pointedness, and is slightly cartoonish it is also very convincing.


However, it did not take long for the picture to blow up. Soon after the pictures went viral, Leveille further went on to cast a bunch of celebrities in other roles. From Emma Watson as Zelda to Idris Elba as Ganon, Dan created a huge ensemble of actors. The artist took it a step further when he decided to use AI to write a script for the Netflix adaptation. 

Will Tom Holland be the right choice for Zelda Netflix?

All things being equal, Tom Holland might be the right choice to play Link. The British actor is no stranger to playing iconic roles as he perfectly portrayed Spiderman too. Furthermore, Holland already has experience of being in the live-action adaptation of video game franchises. Previously, Holland starred as the protagonist in Uncharted. Although there is no confirmation of Holland starring in the Legend of Zelda, seeing the artwork surely makes it exciting.

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