“Damn it” – Hugh Jackman Reacts as New Apple TV+ Ad For Ryan Reynolds ‘Spirited’ Drops on Cyber Monday

“Damn it” – Hugh Jackman Reacts as New Apple TV+ Ad For Ryan Reynolds ‘Spirited’ Drops on Cyber Monday

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman never get tired of taking potshots at one another. For years, their “feud” has been nothing but trolling each other with hilarious pranks. Time and again, we have encountered their subtle jibes aimed at one another whenever either of them comes out with a new stir among the fans. Reynolds’ recent musical, Spirited, also got us a handful of them.

Since last year or so, Reynol

ds has been up on his toes. With his jam-packed filming and promotional schedule, the Deadpool star has been expanding his business empire with everything. For his latest release, Apple TV+ has been sponsoring the star and is the primary distributor of his musical. Everyone is aware of how interesting Reynolds’ promotions can get. The silver lining on it was Hugh Jackman’s other reaction that got all of us rolling on the floor laughing!

Hugh Jackman passes another hilarious comment at Ryan Reynolds

The star’s latest Instagram comment has been making the most noise for not Ryan Reynolds but his new upgraded, “The Ryan Reynolds+”. While the handle brought a brand new “optimized” Ryan Reynolds before us, not only did we laugh our hearts out, Hugh Jackman did, too. It was evident from his one-liner shot at the comments section, which said, “Damn, I just laughed out loud.” While others added their insane comments in the box, Jackman’s was just the cherry on top of it all.

And as the voiceover said, “When you stream anything on AppleTV, you can literally feel the innovation”, and Reynolds did just that. As hilarious as it sounded when they explained Reynolds Optimization with a straight face, the star’s expressions gave the fans just what they needed. Nevertheless, viewers were waiting for a greeting from the star, but “I have three kids!” was close too.

Having had enough of it, the 46-year-old star walked off the platform, of course asking the viewers to stream Spirited. However, the trail of laughers did not end, as the anchors made yet another hilarious comment at the end. And undoubtedly, the new model really has been “testy”.

Reynolds’ latest broadway debut in Spirited is exclusively available on Apple TV as of now. The musical is based on Charles Dickens’s novel named A Christmas Carol which would obviously serve as a Christmas delight to all streamers.

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The musical has been out since November 11th. Have you seen it yet?

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