Cuteness Overload! Drake in Awe of His Son as the Duo Wear Matching Tuxedos for His Mother’s 75th Birthday

Cuteness Overload! Drake in Awe of His Son as the Duo Wear Matching Tuxedos for His Mother’s 75th Birthday

A few years back into pop culture can show you how confused the internet was by how “obsessed” DJ Khaled was with his son. Also, the same conundrum is associated now with his fellow Staying Alive rapper, Drake. While fans have no qualms about both the baby daddies fawning over their kids, however, it is quite a sight to see the same rapper who spat fire with Back to Back go all soft and gummy seeing his kid wear the same outfit as him.

This is exactly what happened on Sandi Graham’s 75th birthday. Aubrey Graham, who is mostly popular by his stage name Drake, celebrated his mother and her legacy at a grand 75th birthday party. As Drake shared pictures from the event on his iconic Champagne Papi Instagram account, fans went into a meltdown over the duo’s cuteness only to notice that the father appeared just as smitten.

Drake twins with Adonis at his mother’s birthday party

It has been a long time filled with adorable pictures of baby Adonis on Drake’s Instagram feed since the fiasco with his son. For his mother’s birthday, the rapper shared a few images, featuring his adorable family. Adonis, who is five years old now, looked like a “Young Stunna” as he wore a gray suit and dropped peace signs in several photographs with his grandmother, grandfather, and father. The rapper twinned with his son in a gray suit himself.

One picture shared has Adonis cutting the cake with Graham, while another has him posing with Drake and his parents. Along with cute pictures of his son, Drake penned a heartfelt note for his mother as he wrote “No one knows the pressure you bear just only you…give you all my love,” in his Instagram post.

Drake’s struggle with protecting his kid

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet,” Aristotle was way ahead of his time when he wrote this quote. While he may not have had Drake and the scrutiny and diss track he had to deal with in pursuit of protecting his child, as fans looked into the deep blue eyes of Adonis, it is exactly what they thought.

The Canadian rapper only spoke the truth when he said “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”. Drake, who is currently one of the most recognized artists in hip hop, took his first step into booming stardom with his role as Jimmy Brooks in the 2001 drama Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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And while the ride has no doubt been uphill since then, it hasn’t been one without difficulties. For Drake, this difficulty came in the form of a ruined DNA test. The rapper revealed in his interview with Rap Radar that “I was in a really weird pending situation where I didn’t want to go tell the world that that was my son and it wasn’t.”

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