Controversial Podcaster Joe Rogan Hypes Up Netflix’s Psychedelic Docuseries ‘How to Change Your Mind’

Controversial Podcaster Joe Rogan Hypes Up Netflix’s Psychedelic Docuseries ‘How to Change Your Mind’

Don’t do drugs. Stay in School.“An entire generation and a half have grown up with this message. As poignant as it may be, the quote dumps all the drugs possible under one harmful bracket. Moreover, recreational drug use has also always divided the audience. For decades, several scientists, philosophers, and communities have spoken about the health benefits and healing abilities of some of these drugs.

Today, the legalization of certain substances in some parts of the world has opened up a dialogue weighing their pros against the cons. Recently, Netflix premiered a new documentary series called How to change your Mind that explores the world of mind-altering drugs and their possible merits. On its release, popular podcaster Joe Rogan took to Instagram and championed the Netflix Show.

Joe Rogan on Netflix’s How to Change Your Mind

Known for his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian and actor, Joe Rogan also often divides the audience with his controversial opinions. He has always been a vocal advocate of recreational drug use. Unsurprisingly, he is absolutely elated about the Netflix show on psychedelics. In a recent Instagram post, he attached the trailer of the show and expressed his views on the subject.

These are very exciting times for psychedelics and their many beneficial applications. For a long time there was a massive stigma attached.” He even commended Netflix and the host of the show Michael Pollan. “Kudos to @michael.pollan and @netflix for giving these amazing substances the attention and focus they deserve.” Rogan further reposted a piece by MAPS (The Multidisciplinary association for Psychedelic).


The Association has been supporting marijuana and psychedelic research since 1986. While promoting How to Change Your Mind, MAPS reiterates its view on mind-altering drugs. The post emphasizes the importance of “honest, meaningful conversations.” They say that “psychedelics, with appropriate harm reduction tools in place, can be important tools for healing, wellness, spiritual experiences, and even connection.”

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What is the Netflix Show on Psychedelics about?

How to Change Your Mind is a Docu-series based on the award-winning book by Michael Pollan. The book examines the history of psychedelic science as well as uncovers the early discoveries on psychedelics’ potential as a treatment. Especially for addiction, anxiety, and depression, as well as for pain relief. 

Emmy-nominated Alison Ellwood and the Oscar-nominated and Emmy winner, Lucy walker have directed the show. It’s a 4 part documentary with each episode focusing on one psychedelic substance. The show presents the mild-altering LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline in detail throughout its course. It digs deeper into the origin, forgotten cultures, and historical context of these psychedelics and explains the benefits if regulated.

Excess of anything is harmful. But shows like these attempt to break the stigma around taboo subjects. From using in moderation to micro-dosing, it’s paramount for people to be aware of safe consumption methods. How to Change Your Mind premiered on July 12 and is currently streaming on Netflix. Let us know what you think about the show in the comments.

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