Consequence Doubles Down on Beanie Sigel’s Story of Saving Kanye West from a Robbery

Consequence Doubles Down on Beanie Sigel’s Story of Saving Kanye West from a Robbery

Beanie Sigel once saved Kanye West from a robbery. There is no doubt that the rappers have had each other’s back since the beginning, despite any issues between them. Lately, it has been Consequence who has relived many memories regarding fellow rappers, including Kanye West. Both rappers have worked on several projects together before.

The Whatever You Want singer who has been giving a lot of interviews lately, recalled one such memory, claiming that fellow rapper Beanie Sigel once saved Kanye West. Although the story has never come out formally, the revelation doubled down on Sigel’s claims. Here are details of the night where it all happened.

Consequence explained how Beanie Sigel saved Kanye West from a robbery

Consequence who was once a collaborator with Kanye West revealed how Beanie Sigel saved him. The rapper gave an interview to The Art of Dialogue where he spoke on many things, including West. He recalled how the Donda singer was once saved by Sigel when he was chilling out at night in a restaurant wearing a heavy Rock-a-fella chain. Some guys approached them as they were dining, but Sigel saved the night by interfering and backing off the robbers. Even Sigel once said, “[I let the potential robbers know] nothing was going to go down – not while I was there.” 

The incident took place at the Chelsea diner in New York. At the time, Consequence was away in Queens. But since Blaze, Baseline’s old studio was near, they went there to look at the situation. It is likely that Ye did not want this hitting the news since it would have made it look weaker, and he usually stands up to people.

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Sigel and Ye also got into some arguments in between but reconciled. They recently had a reunion working for Donda 2 in 2022. West initially produced The Truth for the rapper in 2020. As for Consequence, he has kept supporting the Flashing Lights singer even in his recent controversies. The World Play singer was upset with Pusha T for leaving West’s G.O.O.D. Music labels following the anti-Semitic remarks.

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