EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Kai Season 4 Behind the Scene Antics of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Kai Season 4 Behind the Scene Antics of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka

On December 31, 2021, Cobra Kai season 4 premiered on Netflix. The fans have been hooked on the karate drama since its release. As a result, it is one of the most trending shows on the streaming platform. Fans were eagerly anticipating behind-the-scenes footage from the most recent season. To their delight, they acquired a lot of behind-the-scenes images of the latest season, all thanks to screenwriter Jon Hurwitz. Moreover, he recently added new behind-the-scenes footage of Ralph Macchio and Johnny Lawrence. Let’s have a look at the footage that Jon shared on his Twitter feed.

Cobra Kai Season 4 behind-the-scenes footage

Cobra Kai fans are loving the show’s screenwriter, Jon Hurwitz, these days as he gives them access to the fun behind-the-scenes of the latest season. Significantly, the enormous fan following of the popular show awaited behind-the-scenes images and videos to keep in touch after the fourth season concluded. Here’s the latest tidbit shared by Jon:

In this scene, you can witness the creators of the show carrying out a humble moment shared between the two senseis, Daniel and Johnny. The tweet is captioned, “Sharing is caring”. No doubt that this is the most appropriate caption for the post.

The nostalgic element that Cobra Kai brings to the table is highly appealing to the fans. Especially, their beloved actors, Ralph Macchio and Johnny Lawrence, playing their original roles from the Karate Kid in the series. Though there is an intense old rivalry between the two on-screen, they share a strong bond of friendship off-screen. This makes their chemistry in the series interesting. Furthermore, it makes their fight sequences even more sought after by the fans.

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Fan’s reactions to the tweet

As discussed earlier, fans keep Jon Hurwitz in high regard. Being an amazing screenwriter and having worked on a lot of projects, he knows how to delight the fans on and off-screen. Check out what the fans have to say about this scene:

Although the pandemic delayed the production and release of the show, Cobra Kai has maintained its richness and is an ocean of entertainment for the fans. You can stream all the previous seasons as you wait, like us, for the next season to drop.

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