Julia Garner And Creator Shonda Rhimes Give Us Insights Into ‘Inventing Anna’ on Netflix

Julia Garner And Creator Shonda Rhimes Give Us Insights Into ‘Inventing Anna’ on Netflix

Viewers will have to wait till February 11 for the upcoming drama miniseries, Inventing Anna on Netflix, starring Julia Garner. Julia’s performance as Ruth Langmore in Ozark has helped her win many awards like Emmys and Golden Globe. The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes has also been successful in her ventures, as she closed a multi-million deal with Netflix.

Now, the two have joined forces to bring us a new story as Inventing Anna on Netflix. So, let us look at what Julia and Shonda have to say about their upcoming project.

Julia’s thoughts on her new role in Inventing Anna

If you have watched the trailer, you will find Julia speaking in an unusual accent. Thus, the actress cleared doubts, saying, “If I didn’t have the accent down, then I wouldn’t have a lot of the character down.” Julia did not consider the accent as a secondary part of her character as she explained, “a big thing for me to become Anna was the accent.”

With a complex story as Anna’s Garner expects audience to be conflicted about Anna. “I want people to go back and forth with her,” Julia explained her expectations. “I want people to love her one minute, then hate her, and then love her.” Julia’s expectations are practical, considering viewers had a hard time picking up their sides. Julia’s portrayal and Anna’s stories intertwine beautifully to create a conflict in the viewer’s mind.

Shonda Rhimes expresses her views

Shonda felt Anna had served more than enough for her crimes, as other offenders were still at large. “Anna Delvey has more confidence than anyone I have ever encountered in my entire life, and that to me is so impressive,” Shonda pointed out the positives in Anna Delvey. “And she can back it up — she’s intelligent and well-read and thoughtful about things, and she’s confident. And that makes her fascinating.”

Shonda hopes to create an impact with her drama miniseries, as she believes society needs to change its ways. “We value the outer life more than we do the inner life,” Shonda explained. “I hope we start a discussion about the fact that having a real relationship, being connected to other people is much more important than faking it.

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If you wish to learn more about the miniseries, you can check out this Queue interview, where the show creator goes in depth about her casting choices. Viewers can hope for the combination of Shonda and Julia to return for another project, but it depends on the success of Inventing Anna.

How do you think Inventing Anna would turn out to be? Let us know your expectations of the series in the comments.

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