‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Suggest Crazy Dojo Names For Johnny Lawrence and Danny Larusso

‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Suggest Crazy Dojo Names For Johnny Lawrence and Danny Larusso

The highly anticipated fifth season of Cobra Kai finally arrived on Netflix on Friday, September 9, 2022. Fans have counted every single day for the new season to reveal all the mysteries of the season 4. Season 5 instantly garnered the attention of viewers when the show entered a new regime of “no mercy” game. Now with Terry Silver trying to expand his empire to all corners of the world, bigger battles and challenges have surrounded the characters.

Disclaimer: Season 5 spoilers ahead


In season 5, we see Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and Chozen Toguchi’s dojo qualified for the Sekai Taikai Tournament along with Silver’s Cobra Kai. Now the board members are demanding a new name and fans are wondering what will it be. The curiosity of fans knows no bounds and, like always, they took the responsibility into their hands and suggested some crazy dojo names.

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Cobra Kai enters a bigger game with Sekai Taikai Tournament

In a recent post shared on Reddit, fans were asked to give their suggestions over a new dojo name for the newest dojo in the valley run collectively by Johnny Lawrence, Chozen Toguchi, and Daniel LaRusso. “Submit ideas here (preferably in time for the Sekai Taikai),” read the post with a photo added from Cobra Kai season 5 episode 8.

Submit ideas here (preferably in time for the Sekai Taikai) from cobrakai

In episode 7 of the new season, Terry tried to impress the representatives of the tournament by displaying the skills and infrastructure his dojo has. At the time, Danny LaRusso enters with his group, showing their interest in this renowned tournament.

Interested in what the new dojo has to offer, Gunther Braun, head representative of the tournament, tells them that there will be a battle between the students to witness their capabilities. Both dojos get ready for the competition as it becomes vital to showcase their styles and techniques to qualify for the tournament.

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In the next episode, Cobra Kai wins the competition but so does the Miyagi Do-Eagle Fang partnership dojo. So, naturally, Braun asks for the latter’s dojo name and they give two names. Johnny says Miyagi Do and Daniel says Eagle Fang, which goes to show the respect and acceptance each Karateka has developed for the other’s style.

When the season ended, we still don’t have a name, and we will have to wait to get one in the next season. However, fans had other ideas.

Fans have dojo names for Johnny and Daniel

While most fans decided to wait until season 6 to know the name of the new dojo in the valley, Redditors do not like the delay. Hence, they decided to take matters into their hands and suggested some hilarious dojo names. Cobra Kai makers will be wise to look at the while working on the scripts.

What do you think of these names? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a suggestion yourself? Comment below.

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