‘Clarkson’s Farm’ breaks viewing records in the UK following the Meghan Markle scandal

‘Clarkson’s Farm’ breaks viewing records in the UK following the Meghan Markle scandal

Meghan Markle has always been a very popular individual. However, over the past few months, fans have witnessed an incredible rise in her popularity. The Duchess of Sussex has become the talk of the town and the media cannot seem to get enough of the drama that surrounds her. It seems like the fame and following that the Suits actress enjoys, seems to benefit all those involved with her as well. It might surprise you to know, but a very popular show recently broke viewing records on Amazon Prime, following the lead actor’s scandal with Markle.

In December last year, the renowned journalist Jeremy Clarkson took the internet by storm following his vile statements about the Duchess of Sussex. Though the game show host became subject to immense criticism from the masses, his show seemed to benefit from it. As reported by Deadline, Clarkson’s Farm season 2 became one of the most-watched original shows on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. Surprising as it sounds, the first episode of the Amazon Prime original’s second season that first made its way to the screens on 10th February was watched by nearly 4.3 million. The show surpassed The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which held a record of 3.2 million viewers. Furthermore, the stats of the second and third episodes of Clarkson’s Farm were no less. Both episodes enjoyed a watching of 3.2 and 3.3 million respectively.

One noteworthy point here is that the numbers are only from the viewers who watched the show on television. People who watched the show on mobile phones were not a part of the huge viewer count the show enjoyed. Previously, the show also held the 16th position for the most watched shows in the UK.

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What did Jeremy Clarkson say about Meghan Markle?

Not long ago, Jeremy Clarkson wrote one of the most controversial pieces on The Sun. The broadcaster expressed his hatred towards the Duchess Of Sussex as he wished for public humiliation for Meghan Markle. Soon after, Clarkson became the subject of immense backlash and criticism from the masses.

Following Clarkson’s controversy with Meghan Markle, rumors of the streamer ending its deal with him after 2024 started making the rounds. However, as of late, the streamer has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. However, Clarkson was wise enough to understand the situation and apologised for the same. Meanwhile, the show will soon be renewed for a third season.

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