Jeremy Clarkson Remains Unscatthed Amid Rumors of Farming Show Getting Axed Due to Meghan Markle Comments

Jeremy Clarkson Remains Unscatthed Amid Rumors of Farming Show Getting Axed Due to Meghan Markle Comments

The British tabloid’s abysmal strategy to constantly target Meghan Markle is far from confidential information at this point. Furthermore, the tale of hate-fueled journalism only having a vendetta against the Duchess for whatever reason has been highlighted not only by the couple but several other celebrities. While most of the tabloids heavily leaned on the negative coverage of the Duchess of Sussex, some like Jeremy Clarkson have notably excelled in their pursuit.

The British columnist wrote in detail about his hatred towards the Duchess of Sussex, which, as he revealed, was on a “cellular level“. Clarkson further created a vivid image for the readers to understand just how much he hates Markle by imagining people throwing “lumps of excrement“. This in a perfect world would be a 101 to get yourself ‘canceled’ as social media calls it. But Clarkson is nowhere close to it.

Is Jeremy Clarkson still thriving after Meghan Markle comments?

There was no dearth of condemnation for Jeremy Clarkson. The Independent Press Standards Organisation declared it as the story with the most number of complaints against it. However, the complaints seem to adhere only to Clarkson’s publication and not his farming show. The media columnist has a prime video series where he talks about all things farming while taking care of his thousand-acre farm in 2018 and it is set for another season.

Clarkson’s series premiered in 2021 and garnered good reviews. However, much has changed since then, and especially after his shameful comments, fans did not expect Clarkson’s Diddly Farm to return for another season.

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But the farm owner confirmed a Season 3 with a simple “there is one,” in reply to a fan’s tweet. The announcement has left fans shocked especially after Prince Harry himself condemned not only the journalist but also the Royal family’s silence on his piece.

Apart from Clarkson, what is the fault in Clarkson’s Farm?

The journalist’s vitriolic words against Meghan Markle is not the only reason behind the outrage of its return. The 62-year-old on a quest to run his own farm in Cotswolds has spewed another malicious comment. However, the victim this time was not the Duchess of Sussex but a dyslexic barrister named Charles Streeten as reported by The Independent.

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In an episode of Clarkson’s Farm, the columnist asked Steeten to “learn to spell,”. For fans who were already fuming from his comments against Markle, this only cemented the fact that Clarkson’s respects lie solely with the Royal family and no one else.

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