“Cillian Murphy communicates so much by doing very little,” Says Peaky Blinders Director Anthony Byrne

“Cillian Murphy communicates so much by doing very little,” Says Peaky Blinders Director Anthony Byrne

The thing about Peaky Blinders that stands out the most is the quality of actors that the series features. You have this absolutely astounding group of actors and actresses, including the likes of Tom Hardy, Late Helen McCrory, Anya Taylor Joy, Finn Cole, Sophie Rundle, and so many more. And leading this pack is the one man who is known for his sheer brilliance, Cillian Murphy.

If you ask any fan of the show what exactly defines Peaky Blinders, 9 out of 10 will answer Tommy Shelby. The most remarkable and memorable are the scenes when you see nothing else but the face of Cillian Murphy; communicating a thousand different words without even uttering one. That is the power this man possesses, and Adrian Chiles, of course, picked it up. In a recent talk with the cast members and crew, Adrian asked director Anthony Byrne about all the close-ups he does, particularly of Cillian. Understandably, the director, like us, is in awe of the Irish actor and had nothing but words of praise for him.

Peaky Blinders director says Cillian Murphy is great at stillness

In an interview with the British Film Institute’s BFI at Home program, Adrian Chiles brought attention to the brilliant closeup shots that see of Tommy Shelby. He fairly pointed out how expressive his face is. He feels even a quarter of a millimeter’s movement of Cillian’s cheeks or jaw is enough to express pages worth of text. And that truly says a lot about Murphy’s acting skills.

While talking about it, director Anthony Byrne revealed how they occasionally hold back dialogues just to concentrate on the look of the face. This is truly worth every second, given that we have such alluring shots on the show. “I know Cillian’s face really well at this point,” said Anthony. He also talked about how he now has found a certain angle on Murphy’s face that is a sweet spot.

He further praised Cillian Murphy for a quality that, according to the director, all great screen actors have. It is their stillness. “He communicates so much by doing very little,” added Anthony Byrne.

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