Christine Quinn Talks About Her Favorite Looks From Selling Sunset Season 4

Christine Quinn Talks About Her Favorite Looks From Selling Sunset Season 4

While there are many out there that share a love for reality television, the number of people who cannot stand it is no less either. Some love the drama, others find it obviously exaggerated. Some enjoy all the fights and think it makes celebrities more relatable, while others do not resonate at all and find it immature. But one thing about reality television that all fans and non-fans love is the outfits. And Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset might be their new favorite trendsetter!

Throughout the fourth season of the Netflix Original, Christine Quinn went through many ups and downs. The entire season focused on her feud with Mary Fitzgerald. She also gave birth and worked continuously before and after that. Talk about being a workaholic!

But through the course of the series, Christine has made sure her busy life, both professional and personal, doesn’t affect her looks. The reality television star has rarely if ever, compromised on her outfits. All of which is evident in the following looks, which Quinn says are some of her favorites.

The baby shower look from Ryan and Walter

The biggest jaw-dropper from all the seasons of Selling Sunset was the one Christine Quinn donned on her baby shower. It was a fitted corset-shaped dress from Ryan and Walter, with a beautiful mermaid tail. Adding to the ensemble were a fur jacket and the ostrich feathers that lined the hem of the dress.

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Black bodycon dress to enhance the girl-bossing

Everyone with even the slightest interest in fashion would have heard of the term “little black dress” and the importance of the same. Christine Quinn elevated the basic LBD to the next level in season 4 of Selling Sunset on Netflix. The dress was a remarkable statement from her favorite designer, Westly Johns. To make it even more iconic, she wore a chair as a purse. Yes, we’re aware that it isn’t the best if we’re weighing it on the basis of comfort but iconic it undeniably is. The purse was a nod to “she can sit on the floor” from season 1.

A blue Gingham dress, because keeping it classic is the way to go

If a celebrity-inspired touch is what your wardrobe needs but you also aren’t ready to go all out yet, this beautiful pastel blue Gingham patterned dress is what you need. Christine Quinn wore it during the last stages of her pregnancy, but that isn’t necessarily the only time one can go for the look.

A crewneck in neutral shades for the workaholics

Choosing outfits to wear to one’s office can be quite the task. For now, Christine serves all looks for the outfit-inspo pages with a brown Fendi crewneck.

A quote from Christine Quinn that sums up her looks from Selling Sunset and her entire personality is- “At the end of the day, I’m still extra and everyone else is still basic.” Very true, Christine. Very true.”

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