Chris Hemsworth Showcases Every Single Expression From the Spectrum in a Wild Clip From Spiderhead

Chris Hemsworth Showcases Every Single Expression From the Spectrum in a Wild Clip From Spiderhead

Netflix’s latest offering in the sci-fi genre, Spiderhead is already out. The film reunited Joseph Kosinski with Top Gun: Maverick’s star Miles Teller and also stars Chris Hemsworth in the titular role. The movie was a detour from his otherwise superhero roles in the Marvel universe. He isn’t a God with superhuman powers here, but a brilliant visionary who initiates unethical human trials. 

The movie is based on George Saunder’s short story Escape from Spiderhead. The short story first appeared in The New Yorker Story before Kosinski picked it for his next project. In a new 17 seconds clip, Netflix teased the viewers with a montage of Hemsworth’s moments in the movie. 

Chris Hemsworth and his manic expressions in Spiderhead

In the clip, we realize that Chris is not quite sane. At one point he’s laughing maniacally, and at others he’s dancing alone in his room, staring up into space and also hyperventilating. There are also shots of explosions and blood. The clip itself sets the tone that this is one disturbing ride. 

Chris Hemsworth plays Steve Abnesti, an extraordinary scientist who runs a secret facility. He hopes to develop a drug that could alter human emotions and minds. Interestingly, the prisoners at the facility are often free to roam around with minimal supervision. Turns out it’s because the facility is ground zero for illegal drug testing. The prisoners are mere guinea pigs in Steve’s experiments. They subject themselves to drug tests simply to get a reduced sentence, not really knowing the consequences. Jeff (Miles Teller) gets wind of the matter and plots with another prisoner, Lizzy, to escape the facility. Suddenly, these trials went out of control and the prisoners started acting violently. 

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Next, we will see the 38-year-old trading those glasses for a hammer in Thor: Love and Thunder in the Marvel cinematic universe. He also has another project lined up for NetflixExtraction 2. Filming has wrapped up and the Sam Hargrave-directed action-packed flick may drop on the platform sometime early next year.

Until Extraction 2 arrives, get your Hemsworth fix with Spiderhead!

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