Miles Teller and Tess Haubrich Succumb to Seduction as Chris Hemsworth Turns Up the Heat in Exclusive Clip From ‘Spiderhead’

Miles Teller and Tess Haubrich Succumb to Seduction as Chris Hemsworth Turns Up the Heat in Exclusive Clip From ‘Spiderhead’

Chris Hemsworth unveiled a new clip from his upcoming feature film Spiderhead for the Netflix Geeked Event. The clip features Miles Teller and Tess Haubrich and Chris himself. The movie is based on George Saunders’ short story that got published in the New York Times back in 2020. 

Chris plays a brilliant visionary, Doctor Steve Abnesti, who is in charge of running a correctional facility. But this facility is nothing like the other correctional homes. Here, the inmates have a choice to undergo drug trials to reduce their sentences. Unfortunately, the experiments backfire and the inmates react in unusual and violent ways. It causes Miles’s Jeff to find a way out of this madness with another inmate, Jurnee Smollett’s Lizzy. 

Chris Hemsworth administers mysterious mind-altering drugs to Teller and Tess’s characters

In the new clip, Chris Hemsworth‘s character and his assistant oversee the meeting between Tess Haubrich’s Heather and Miles’ Jeff. The two don’t express any sexual attraction towards each other at first, but when Chris administers Verbaluce and Luvactin to them, things change. Suddenly, their heart rate spikes up and they start feeling the sexual tension between them. And soon, they are on each other. 

The scene is quite interesting as you see the effects the drug has on the two subjects. The narrative tackles the subject of unethical experiments and the horrors the subjects have to live with long after the trials are over. 

Top Gun: Maverick’s director, Joseph Kosinski, helmed the movie, while Deadpool’s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick penned the script. The movie marks a darker ambiguous role for the actor who is mostly associated with action movies.

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The actor has two other movies lined up this year 

Things are looking good for the actor. Apart from this Netflix movie, Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. Extraction’s sequel is already in the works and will debut on the platform sometime later this year. So yeah, things are looking pretty good for the fans of Chris Hemsworth. 

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