‘Choose or Die’ Blends 3 Globally Popular Netflix Productions Into One – Here’s How

‘Choose or Die’ Blends 3 Globally Popular Netflix Productions Into One – Here’s How

Netflix has too many movies and TV shows under its name. They have a wide variety of originals that are connected through their production house and have an umbilical relationship. Choose or Die is a new survival movie by Netflix. However, as original as the concept of the film, it still shares a combined history with its equally successful predecessors.

So here is how Choose or Die is a perfect blend of three of the most successful Netflix shows and movies.

How is Choose or Die on Netflix similar to other big productions?

Squid Game and Choose or Die

It is impossible to imagine how any show can recreate the magic Squid Game had. Squid Game‘s success and popularity lay in the desperate situation of its players. And that is exactly what is happening in Choose or Die. In the film, just like the series, players play the game to change their lives by earning an insane amount of cash prize. But soon, they understand that the stakes are higher than winning or losing: It’s life or death for them.

Another way in which Choose or Die is a call back to the hit Kdrama is through its characters. In Squid Game, we all felt deeply sympathetic for the characters. And in Choose or Die, the characters have an equally sad and tragic back story that makes their desperation for winning even more compelling.

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The presence of Alice in Borderland can be felt in Choose or Die

Choose Or Die is similar to Netflix’s original series Alice in Borderland, which premiered in 2020. Alice in Borderland, based on Haro Aso‘s manga of the same name, follows Ryhei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Yuzuha Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) while they were imprisoned in an abandoned Tokyo. To get out of the location, the two must engage in perilous games in order to survive.

This can also be seen in Choose or Die where once you have entered the game there is no way out. The only way to leave the game is either by dying or winning the game. Interestingly Netflix started promoting Choose or Die as a movie that fans of Squid Game and Alice in Borderland will love. Alice in Borderland will be returning with a season 2 soon.

The ‘Choose or Die’ was first seen in Bandersnatch

As soon as the trailer for Choose or Die came out fans were quick to point out the similarities between the film and the 2018’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Now we all know the innovative interacting mode of storytelling in Bandersnatch.

In Bandersnatch, we as an audience go through a series of questions where either of the two options aren’t pleasant. The only refreshing thing about Choose or Die is that in the film they are making the choices rather than us.

If you were a fan of any of the above-mentioned films or TV shows. You will surely love Choose or Die currently streaming only on Netflix.

Watch the film and let us know if you could point out the similarities too or not?

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