Check Out Story of 8 Time Mr. Olympia Winner, ‘Ronnie Coleman: The King’ and How He Became a Living Legend

Check Out Story of 8 Time Mr. Olympia Winner, ‘Ronnie Coleman: The King’ and How He Became a Living Legend

Some Legends are born to become the greatest in their career. Ronnie ‘The King’ Coleman was undoubtedly one of the greatest bodybuilders of modern times. The man had a physique like no other, and the world took notice of it. He redefined the sport, becoming a fitness icon who had superhuman strength. Right from 1998, Coleman clutched on to the Mr. Olympia title for eight years in a row, marking a record for the most wins in history. But like all legends, the journey for this one also started with humble beginnings.

The King, now retired, lives a very different life today. He is married with kids, living with the memories and aftermath of his glorious days after multiple back and hip surgeries, along with degenerative wear and tears from intense gym training throughout the years. But that does not negate his iconic career. Netflix brings to us the life and legend Ronnie Coleman in the 2018 Ronnie Coleman: The King.

Witness the rise and fall of Ronnie Coleman in the Netflix documentary

Ronnie Coleman changed the bodybuilding world with his streak of glory, but today life looks different for the champion. Bringing you the story of Ronnie’s after glory through Ronnie Coleman: The King, the Netflix documentary begins with a clip of the ever-smiling bodybuilder from his days as a police officer. It depicts the rise of this legend along with the lows. Ronnie was born in Louisiana in 1964 and graduated in accountancy. Before molding the world of bodybuilding, he became a police officer in Texas. During this, he joined a gym and entered the Mr. Texas competition.

Many people wondered about this marvel. According to fellow champion, Kevin Levrone, “You don’t have a chance of looking like him. It’s a gift from God. It’s a gift of genetics.” But to achieve the aim of becoming a world champion, he neglected his back issues and even won a lot of competitions while suffering from a herniated disc. The legend’s glory ultimately became a reason for his fall.  

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Call it passion or obsession, Cole may not be able to walk without crutches again, but he will always remain a beloved icon. Perhaps as someone to admire, not imitate. You can stream his documentary Ronnie Coleman: The King on Netflix now.


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